Sacred Silence ~ “We Remember You” Video Remembrance



Today…Instead of a journal entry…we remember instead.

These are real women, with real testimonials, that have experienced great loss. We hope this touches your life as much as it has touched ours. It’s time to break the silence. Baby loss is real. It hurts. And those that have experienced it, need to know you are not alone.

We remember. We will always remember. These angel babies deserve to be remembered for a lifetime and then some.

~ The Moms of IntelliGender

Monday Moments ~ YouTube MOTHERHOOD Harlem Shake Video


The Harlem Shake is sweeping the nation, so of course, we had to jump on board!
IntelliGender teamed up with Beautifully Chaotic to “shake” up the world of motherhood in their own unedited version.

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