Thursday Crafts For Kids ~ Paper Sand Dollars


White or cream-colored card stock

Round cotton pad or circle of packing foam



Dry barley

How to make it

To make your own paper sand dollars, first cut a pair of circles, about 3 inches in diameter, from white or cream-colored card stock.

Sandwich the 2 circles together with a round cotton pad or circle of packing foam between them.

Glue the circles together, using clothespins to hold them in place until the glue has dried.

Finally, glue on a star-shaped design of dry barley, white beans, or uncooked pasta shells.

Thursday Crafts For Kids ~ Paper Birds For Kids


Scrapbook paper



Colored paper clips


Glue stick

Hole punch or pushpins

How to make it

For each, draw a bird figure on a piece of scrapbook paper. You can download a bird template here.

Bend a colored paper clip or two into feet and tape them to the back side of one figure. Use a glue stick to join the two matching figures, sandwiching the paper clip legs between them.

Make an eye with a hole punch or pushpin and adjust the legs so that the bird can stand on its own.

Thursday Crafts For Kids ~ Vibrant Color In A Bag For Toddlers


1 cup cornstarch

1/2 cup sugar

4 cups cold water

Food coloring

2 gallon-size ziplock bags

Duct tape

How to make

Over medium heat, combine the cornstarch, sugar, and water in a saucepan, stirring continuously.

Once the mixture begins to thicken, remove the pan from the heat and stir for another minute or so until it thickens to a pudding like consistency. Let it cool for 30 minutes.

Spoon the mixture into two bowls, stir a few drops of food coloring into each , then divide the colors between the ziplock bags. Seal the bags with duct tape and let your child mix and mash the colors (they’ll keep for up to a week). Always supervise your child during play.

Thursday Crafts For Kids ~ Tissue Paper Bowl


2 small bowls

Cooking spray or vegetable oil

Plastic wrap

1/4 cup flour

1/2 cup water


2 sheets of tissue paper cut or torn into roughly 2- by 2-inch pieces

Bowl of white vinegar (optional)

How to make

Coat the outside of one small bowl with cooking spray or vegetable oil, then cover it tightly with plastic wrap.

In the other bowl, whisk the flour and water together until smooth.

Have your child brush the paste onto the plastic wrap, then cover it with pieces of tissue paper as shown. She may need your help pressing down the pieces so that they stick to the paste. When the bowl is covered with one layer, have her brush on more paste and add another layer. Continue until you have a thick, defined bowl shape; you’ll need at least five layers. If the brush gets too goopy, dip it in white vinegar, then rinse it with water. Let the papier-mâché dry (at least 12 hours).

Gently remove the papier-mâché bowl from the bowl mold and peel the plastic wrap away. For a smooth edge, trim the bowl’s rim with scissors.

Thursday Crafts For Kids ~ Pasta Pictures For Toddlers


What You’ll Need:


strong wood glue

cardboard or gift box


There are so many great ways to get your pasta working for you!

Animal cut out – let your child draw a large animal or similar on the cardboard.

Help them to cut it out and then squirt or paint glue all over the cut out.

Position the pasta on the glue before it dries.

Name plate – write your child’s name in large block letters on the cardboard, help your child to cut this out and then cover with glue.

Position the pasta to cover it completely before it dries.

Draw and fill in – encourage your child to draw something that will be fun to fill in with pasta shapes.

For example – a huge race track or a big pond with surrounding plants and flowers.

Next position the pasta to cover it completely before it dries.

Thursday Crafts For Kids ~ Make Your Own Rainstick


What you’ll need:

A long cardboard tube from a roll of gift wrap, or a poster shipping tube

Dried beans

Tan packing tape

Brown magic marker

Optional: aluminum foil

What You Do:

Make a pad of tape by taping a few pieces together, sticky side in. Tape over one end of the tube so it is completely covered, but won’t cause the contents of the tube to stick once your child starts using it.

Have your child add a few handfuls of beans to the tube.

Want to change the sound? Kids can crumple a long “rope” of aluminum foil and insert it into the tube to slow the beans down.

Tape over the other end as in Step 1.

Help your child to draw patterns over the tube to make it look like wood, or just let her use her imagination to make colorful designs.

Thursday Crafts For Kids ~ Fabric Necklace

Fabric Necklace

What you’ll need:

An old piece of stretchy clothing (like stretch pants) that can be cut into a strip approximately 24″ by 2″.

Large beads with holes wide enough for fabric to fit through.


Needle nose pliers

How to make it:

Cut fabric into a strip approximately 24″ by 2″.

Lay out beads in an appealing manner.

String beads onto fabric, using needle nose pliers to pull, if necessary.

Space beads according to your taste.

Tie ends together!

Thursday Crafts For Kids ~ Craft Foam Tiara


Perfect for ages 4 and up with mom’s help!

What you’ll need:

Craft foam visor

Craft jewels

White craft glue


2 silver chenille stems

Instant grab glue

How to make it:

Trim most of the bill off of the visor, leaving about 2 inches at the center.

Cut chenille stems into the following lengths: 1 at 5.5 inches, 2 at 4 inches, 2 at 3 inches

Bend each chenille stem in half to make the points of the tiara. Use instant grab glue to attach the chenille points to the backside of the visor. The largest one should be in the center, with the next largest to the sides of that, and finally the smallest to the sides of those.

Decorate the front of the tiara with craft jewels.

Add small craft jewels to each of the tiara points.

Thursday Crafts For Kids ~ Cardboard Tube Telescope


Perfect for ages 5 and up with mom’s help.

What you’ll need:

1 cardboard tube (from a paper towel roll)


1 sheet brown construction paper

½ sheet black construction paper

2 plastic rings from milk or juice jugs

White craft glue



Twine or yarn

How to make it:

Cut 2″ off the end of the cardboard tube, set aside.

Cut the longer remaining piece of the cardboard tube open lengthwise.

Use tape to close the tube back up, overlapping the edges just enough so that its circumference is about ¼” or so smaller than it was originally. It should now be slightly smaller than the width of the plastic ring.

Cover the long roll with brown construction paper, securing with tape.

Cover the 2″ roll with black paper and secure with tape.

Insert the long, brown tube inside the small black tube. Push the black tube to the center of the brown tube.

Pipe white glue around one end of the brown tube. Slide a plastic ring onto the end of the tube, securing it with the glue.

At the other end of the tube, use a pen to poke a hole, about an inch from the end. Thread twine or yarn through the hole.

Pipe glue around that end of the tube and slide the second plastic ring onto the glue.

Tie the ends of the yarn into a knot.

Hang the telescope around your child’s neck. The black tube at the end can be turned to “focus” the pretend telescope.

Thursday Crafts For Kids ~ Going Green Terrarium Garden


With moms help, perfect for ages 4 and up!

Plastic 2 liter soda pop bottle with cap

Very sharp scissors or craft knife

Dirt or potting soil



How to make it:

Remove the label from the bottle. Discard label. Save cap! (See photo.)

Wash and rinse out the bottle and cap.

Cut the bottle close to the bottom. There may be a “line” near the end of where the label was, that’s a good place to cut. You can cut it higher if you wish. (See photo.)

Lightly place dirt or potting soil in the base.

Plant a few seeds in the dirt.

Lightly water.

Put the cap on the bottle.

Cover the base with the top of the bottle. You will have to fiddle with it a bit to fit back inside the base.

Place in a sunny spot and watch for your seeds to grow.

When the plants are ready, repot them or plant them in your garden.