Thursday Crafts For Kids ~ Cereal Box Snowman



Perfect little craft for kids age 5 and above!

Empty cereal box

Zipper sandwich bag

Rice, dry beans, pebbles, pennies, etc (for weight)


Acrylic gesso (recommended: Liquitex Basics Gesso)

White, black & yellow acrylic paint

2 foam cups (coffee size)

Construction paper: yellow, orange, light blue

Pink crayon or colored pencil

Black marker

Glue stick

White craft glue


How to make it:

Fill sandwich bag with rice, pennies, dry beans, or anything else you like that will give your box some weight. Seal the baggie and place it inside the box. Tape the top of the box closed.

Paint the entire box with gesso and let dry. Paint entire box with white paint and let dry.

While box is drying, cut slits in the side of each of the foam cups. Cut the slits to about an inch and a half from the bottom of the cup. Bend each flap to snap off the sides of the cup. Use scissors to trim the rest of the cup evenly.

Paint the bottom and sides of the cups (ear muffs) with yellow paint and let dry.

Cut a one inch wide strip of construction paper, the full length of the sheet (about 11″). Center the strip across the top of the cereal box and glue in place. There should be a couple of inches that hang over each side. Glue those down on the sides of the box. This will be your ear muff headband.

Cut a triangle from orange construction paper for the “carrot nose.” Glue the nose to the front of the box.

Cut three 1-inch wide strips of light blue construction paper. Glue all three together, end to end.

You should now have one long strip. Use scissors to fringe both ends, this will be your scarf. Glue the scarf around the bottom of the cereal box so that both ends are to the right.

Dip your finger in black paint and dot on an eye. Move your finger in a circular motion to make the black circle larger. Repeat for other eye and the dotted mouth.

Use a black marker to add eyebrows and a pink crayon to add cheeks.

Use white craft glue to attach the yellow cups to the sides of the cereal box, lining up with the ends of the yellow construction paper strip.

Thursday Crafts For Kids ~ CD Snowman Puppet


This is perfect for ages 6 and up! Easy to do and so, super cute!


Construction paper: white, black, red, orange

1.5″ wide strip of light blue felt

1 craft or popsicle stick

Black paint or marker

Pink crayon

White craft glue


How to make it:

Fold a sheet of white construction paper in half like a greeting card.

Cover one side of the CD with white craft glue.

Lay the CD, glue side down on one half of the white construction paper.

Cover the other side of the CD with white craft glue and press the open half of the white construction paper down onto the CD.

Gently rub the construction paper covered CD with your hands to be sure all the glue sticks.

Use scissors to cut around the CD, leaving a white construction paper circle.

Cut a long triangle from the orange construction paper. You can round off the thick end of the triangle if you like to make it appear more like a carrot. Glue the thick end of the triangle to the center of the CD, the pointed end will hang over the edge.

Glue the craft stick to the back of the CD to use as your handle. This also works double duty as the neck.

Fringe the ends of the blue felt strip by cutting thin strips with a pair of scissors. Wrap the “scarf” around the craft stick neck and glue in place.

Cut a simple hat from the black construction paper and glue the top of the CD.

Cut a red construction paper hat band and glue in place on the hat.

Use the handle end of a paintbrush dipped in black paint to dot on eyes and mouth. You can use a black marker instead if you prefer. Let the paint dry completely.

Add pink for the cheek with a pink crayon.