Thursday Crafts For Kids ~ Make Your Own Rainstick


What you’ll need:

A long cardboard tube from a roll of gift wrap, or a poster shipping tube

Dried beans

Tan packing tape

Brown magic marker

Optional: aluminum foil

What You Do:

Make a pad of tape by taping a few pieces together, sticky side in. Tape over one end of the tube so it is completely covered, but won’t cause the contents of the tube to stick once your child starts using it.

Have your child add a few handfuls of beans to the tube.

Want to change the sound? Kids can crumple a long “rope” of aluminum foil and insert it into the tube to slow the beans down.

Tape over the other end as in Step 1.

Help your child to draw patterns over the tube to make it look like wood, or just let her use her imagination to make colorful designs.