Thursday Crafts For Kids ~ Craft Foam Tiara


Perfect for ages 4 and up with mom’s help!

What you’ll need:

Craft foam visor

Craft jewels

White craft glue


2 silver chenille stems

Instant grab glue

How to make it:

Trim most of the bill off of the visor, leaving about 2 inches at the center.

Cut chenille stems into the following lengths: 1 at 5.5 inches, 2 at 4 inches, 2 at 3 inches

Bend each chenille stem in half to make the points of the tiara. Use instant grab glue to attach the chenille points to the backside of the visor. The largest one should be in the center, with the next largest to the sides of that, and finally the smallest to the sides of those.

Decorate the front of the tiara with craft jewels.

Add small craft jewels to each of the tiara points.

Monday Moments ~ The Love of Little Girls



Those precious tiny toes slipping into a pair of heels to trot around in. You worry that she’s going to fall, she worries she won’t make it to the princess ball in time.

The world of children is wondrous, refreshing and new. When you find your little angel, smearing your lipstick across her tiny pink lips, or prancing around the house in a pair of your shoes, instead of scolding, picture it. Take a photo to remember these fleeting times of childhood. Because soon enough, you’ll be walking her down the aisle and into the arms of her prince charming.

The Love of Little Girls…is fleeting.