Tuesday Thoughts ~ Photography…Capture Those Moments!


Isn’t this picture PRICELESS?!

I have always been a big believer in capturing precious moments in time (just like this) whenever possible. I think that’s why I’ve become so attached to my iPhone and the Instagram app. It’s amazing!

As a busy mother of 3, I don’t have a lot of time to spend editing photographs, so being able to do so with my phone is perfect. And honestly, sometimes I think they turn out better then if I were to have used my expensive Canon camera.

Do you take lots of pictures of your precious little ones? And if so, do you find yourself using your phone or your camera more often to capture those sweet little moments?

Monday Moments ~ Love At First Sight


Isn’t this picture stunning?!

Just moments after giving birth, this loving new mom cradles her new little life.

I remember my special moment of becoming mom like it was yesterday. For me, the birth of my twins was a scary moment. An utterly, overwhelming, and heart stopping moment of fear. Why? My boys were born 10 weeks early. With the uncertainty of their prematurity, I wasn’t really able to enjoy the first moments of their life. But I will say…the love of motherhood was instantaneous for me.

Love at first sight is real. Especially when your eyes meet the eyes of your child for the very first time.

When my third son was born four years later, my experience was much different. I was able to hold him right after birth, caress his plump pink cheek right away, and nurse him just minutes after he was laid in my arms for the very first time.

But as I relish those first moments with my children, I can say without a doubt…

Love at first sight is real. No matter how early, how late, how easy your birth is, or how hard it was…when your eyes meet the eyes of your child for the very first time the feeling is the same. Amazing and unexplainable…in the most magical way.

~ Valerie King


Social Media Director