Monday Moments ~ Preparing Siblings For A New Baby



How are you preparing your older children for the impending birth of a new brother or sister?

Here are just a few ideas to share:

1) Allow your child to express his or her feelings throughout your pregnancy. When they ask questions, answer them (based accordingly to their age).

2) Get any changes out of the way BEFORE the baby arrives. If you are going to be moving your child(ren) to another room, do so so they have time to adjust. Work on toilet training and weaning if you feel they are ready.

3) Sibling birth classes are often offered. If you think your children are having a hard time adjusting to the idea of a new family member, consider a class to help them transition.

Monday Moments ~ Cluster Feedings

cluster feedings

Some mothers are concerned when their baby wants to breastfeed more often than every two hours. During the early months, many babies do what is called ‘cluster feeding’ which is spacing feedings closer together at certain times of the day (typically during the evening) and going longer between feedings at other times. This variability in frequency is normal. Moreover, many breastfeeding problems — including those attributed to “too much milk” or “not enough milk” — are resolved with more frequent nursing.

Have you, or are you currently, experiencing cluster feedings with your little ones? When did you find that baby wanted to nurse more (i.e. growth spurts, during sickness, etc.). Share your thoughts with us, Moms!