Monday Myth ~ The Perfect Mom


We all know this image, right? June Cleaver from “Leave It To Beaver”. She always wore her Sunday best (even to mop the floor), wore her pearls daily, cooked dinner in heels and showcased a spotless house always. So, we should do the same, right? Being the perfect mom is expected….or is it?

There’s no virtue  in pretending you can do it all — or breaking your neck trying to. It isn’t worth it. All that does is heighten your stress levels. In other cultures, women flock around a new mother to help ease the child-care burden. So create your own “village” of friends and relatives, along with your spouse, and take turns supporting each other to get chores done, tend to responsibilities and take a bit of downtime.

You also need to recognize your limitations and be willing to make some compromises. The laundry may sit unfolded an extra day or two. The kitchen counters may have to display yesterday mornings crumbs just a bit longer. You may not be able to do everything on your list, and that’s the trade-off in order to squeeze in some relaxation. You HAVE to take time for yourself. Walk the dog, curl up in your favorite chair and grab a book, watch your favorite sitcom or chat on the phone with a friend. It may not seem like a lot, but when you have your hands full juggling the demands of life and motherhood, those 20 minutes will feel like a godsend. Trust me!

Monday Myths ~ Wake A Sleeping Baby?


Never wake a sleeping baby. I was so confused as to what to do when I brought my children home for the very first time. As a breastfeeding mom, going to long between feedings at night left me miserable and super uncomfortable. I decided to talk to my pediatrician directly about waking my little one up, even when he was snoozing soundly.

During the first few weeks, your pediatrician may recommend that you feed your baby every two to four hours—day and night—to ensure that he or she gains weight properly. Once your pediatrician feels that your newborn has gained enough, he or she will say it’s OK to wait until your baby wakes up for feedings. Again, check with your healthcare provider. Each and every baby is different, thus their needs are different. It’s best to consult with a doctor always.

Monday Myths ~ Teething Rings


Is baby teething?

I was always told to freeze teething rings for relief. A super cold object to chew on was best for a teething, unhappy infant. Or is it?

To ease the pain of teething, babies chew on teething rings. But, it is always best to chill the rings in the refrigerator, not the freezer, as direct contact with extreme cold can harm your baby.

Monday Myths ~ Umbilical Cord Care

umbilical cord

So you’ve brought you precious new baby home. At every diaper change you are careful to fold his/her diaper down to avoid irritating their umbilical cord stump that is busy healing. Most friends, neighbors or mothers will tell you to swab the umbilical cord stump with alcohol at every diaper change. But is it really necessary?

Swabbing with alcohol may actually slow down the healing process. Today, doctors recommend keeping the stump clean and dry until it falls off. Allow it to heal on its own! If you notice any redness or signs of infection, talk with your healthcare professional as soon as possible.