Monday Motherhood Moments ~ Those Little Moments


You know what I’m talking about. The magic you sometimes stop and feel when you find teeny tiny pairs of shoes on the floor out of place, and not put on the shoe rack like you asked your child to do 54 times.

But you can’t help but smile anyway, because you look at those tiny little, dingy, well-played in shoes and realize that in the blink of an eye those shoes are going to be YOUR size. This in turn brings a tear to your eye, and a song in your heart about those first moments as motherhood drew you in so delicately, and you held that tiny angel with your eyes and their father’s nose and you suddenly realize that so much time has already passed.

Those little moments…there are SO many, but they are so fleeting. It’s these special blips in your life that you must take a mental snap shot of and bound them to your heart so you can reflect on them again in the future.

Those little moments…Savor their sweetness…every last drop.

Monday Motherhood Moments ~ The Beauty of Capturing Photographs


You know those amazing pictures that you capture of your kids? Remember…it’s the ones that make you smile from ear to ear as you reminisce at their beauty, simplicity and amazing features that grasp hold of your heart so full of love?

Do you choose to scrapbook these photos, create Facebook albums to share with the world, print and frame them perhaps?

When children are young, they change day after day so quickly. The baby face melts away and reveals a beautiful young girl or a handsome little man in what seems like…a blink of an eye.

Don’t forget to capture these amazing clips in time with a photograph, Mom. Time passes quickly, and you’ll want to hold on to these extra special “tiny” moments in time. I know I sure do.

Monday Motherhood Moments ~ Thanksgiving Mealtime With Kids


The Thanksgiving holidays are upon us once more. I ADORE this time of year! How about you?

How do your handle your little one’s during the Thanksgiving meal? Do you serve them what you are having, or do you make them something else to eat?

How do you handle the seating for everyone as well? Do you have an adult table and a kids table, or does everyone sit together?

Share your thoughts with us!

Monday Motherhood Moments ~ Have YOU Been There, Mom?

Do you see this disaster? The powdery dust of a little one who thought the baby powder was an entertaining toy during naptime gone wrong…

A similar momentous moment in motherhood happened to me when my twins were around eighteen months.

I started a movie, gave each of my little guys a cup of juice and darted to the shower for ten minutes of bliss. Upon stepping out of the shower, the quiet surrounded me. The quiet of two little boys getting into something they shouldn’t be.

A towel around me, my hair dripping wet, I step into the living room to find the two of them with Sharpie Markers that I had left out on the kitchen counters, caps off in hand, drawing all over each other’s faces.

Thankfully, the furniture and walls had been spared, but had I waited another five minutes to check on them, I’m quite sure this story would have gone differently.

Disasters. They are iminent in motherhood…in life. So just remember, that even if you step into your child’s room, baby powder everywhere and Vasaline in their hair…don’t fret. Breathe. We’ve all been there. After cleaning things up, treat yourself to a huge bar of chocolate and a bubble bath, because, well…you deserve it! Wouldn’t you agree? I sure do!

Monday Motherhood Moments ~ A Giggle For Our Mommies


How many children do you have, Mom? Or perhaps the better question is, how many little ones would you like to have?

After having my twins, prematurely at that, my husband and I immediately said that we were done. My body was exhausted, so were my emotions, not to mention the piles of laundry, the bags under my eyes and the countless days of going without a refreshing shower.

But about three years later, the “baby” talk started. With little reluctance, we both agreed that we missed those baby days…A LOT. And so motherhood washed over me again, and oh how blessed we were!

Motherhood shapes us in the most amazing way. Despite the sleepless nights, potty training nightmares, and terrible twos, I wouldn’t trade a moment of it. I can officially say we are done having children, but the memories of my children as young little ones, will forever hold my heart.

Relish the little moments, Mom. However many children drift into your waiting arms…just savor the sweetness of it.

Written by:

Valerie King

Social Media Director, IntelliGender

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Healthy Breastfeeding Diet

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