Tuesday Thoughts ~ Induced Labor

Induced Labor


If your labor doesn’t begin on its own, many times your practitioner will use medication and various other techniques to induce contractions.

Have you ever been induced, Mom? And more importantly, what are your thoughts on induction? Share with us!

Tuesday Thoughts ~ Delayed Cord Clamping



There has been an increasing number of studies published with regards to the timing of cord clamping, including a 16-month study which was published in 2006. It was conducted at Hospital de Gineco Obstetrica in Mexico City, where over 350 mother/baby pairs were part of the study.

This study, consistently with many others, has provided solid evidence of the benefits of delayed clamping. The main benefits being:

Increased levels of iron

Lower risk of anaemia

Fewer transfusions, and

Fewer incidences of intraventricular hemorrhage.

What are your opinions on delayed cord clamping, mom? Share with us!

Monday Moments ~ Monthly Updates For Baby



Have you, or are you planning to, do a monthly photograph and milestone update with your little love until his or her first birthday?

I adore the idea of using props in the photograph, like the balloons above, to make things fun and unique!

Will you only do updates for a year, or will you continue long after that 1st birthday? Share with us! 🙂

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