Thursday Thoughts ~ Baby Shower Games


Did you play baby shower games, or are you planning to?

Here are a few links to websites offering free, or a minimal amount, on fun baby shower games.

Monday Moments ~ Heartburn During Pregnancy



Heartburn during pregnancy…many of us have experienced it. Many times it begins sometime during the the second trimester. So what are some ways to cure the burn?

1) Cut back on caffeine intake.

2) Try sipping on ginger or mint tea.

3) Eat smaller portions during the day, rather than three large meals. Spacing out your meal intake has been noted to keep stomach acid at bay.

4) Avoid spicy foods.

5) Neutralize your stomach acid by eating foods such as yogurt or by drinking a glass of milk.

Tuesday Thoughts ~ Pregnancy Tests



How many pregnancy tests did you take to prove to yourself that you were indeed expecting a little one? With my first pregnancy, it was more than half a dozen. With my second pregnancy, one positive test and a horrible bought of nausea was enough for me! How about you?