Monday Moments ~ The Polar Express

Polar Express


This has been a favorite Christmas book of mine since I was a child. It is tradition in our household to read it every Christmas Eve.

The movie is also a love of mine. Everything about this story is magical!

Do you have a favorite holiday book to read with your children? Share with us!

Holiday Crafts For Kids ~ Painted Handprint Turkey

turkey handprint

This is a lovely keepsake that you will treasure for years! I love doing this with my kids. Always have. <3

Items needed:

Brown, orange, red and yellow paint

Paint brush



How to make:

Paint your child’s palm brown. Paint their fingers different colors – red, orange or yellow.

Press their painted hand onto the paper to make your turkey handprint.

When the handprint is dry, use markers to add an eye, feet, a waddle and a beak to the handprint to turn it into a turkey.