Sacred Silence ~ Journal Entry #14



October 8th, 2013

Journal Entry #14

Something is amiss. I account it to my out of control hormones as I continue to allow my grief for Zachariah to settle in. I can feel things, see things, and it frightens me beyond belief.

It’s if my soul is whispering softly to me, but I’m unwilling to listen…to turn an ear to see what it has to say. Perhaps I’ll know the meaning of its voice by the end of the week. Until then, I will sit quietly and wait.

Waiting is always the hardest part. While I waited to labor to give birth to my son, I felt my nerves unglue themselves and slowly drown within the pain. I knew what the unknown held for me, that although birth meant meeting my son, it always meant meeting death.

This time, I will try and wait more patiently. Patiently to upturn the earth of what is meant for Miles and I. Instead of facing the unknown with the fear of loss, I will face the unknown with an open heart and a willful spirit. A spirit who may or may not hold, that of another…


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