Monday Moments ~ Laughter Is Contagious



Laughter. It’s contagious. Am I right, Moms?!

The laughter of a child is infectious more than any other giggle in the world. When a babe lets laughter loose, you can’t help but follow suit.

My youngest, who is now 9, still cracks me up with his high pitched giggle. Even if the joke he tells makes absolutely no sense I can’t help but throw my head back and howl along with him. Can you relate?

As a parent, when we allow our hearts to rejoice with that of our child’s, you are setting yourself up for a lifetime full of memories…joy…and laughter that’s worth passing on to another.

Food for thought. Chew on it for a while.

~ Valerie King

Social Media Director


Monday Moments ~ The Holiday Season Through The Eyes of a Child

christmas tree

The holidays are a glorious time of year. But, they are even more amazing when viewed from a child’s perspective. The lights seem so much brighter, the tinsel so much prettier, the joy so much fuller…

Decorating the Christmas tree with my children is and always has been, my favorite part of the season. It’s amazing to watch the happiness in their eyes as they attach each ornament on every branch.

I always try and take a step back to revel in the goodness of family this time of year. It’s traditions like these that leave me feeling utterly blessed.

Happy Holidays Everyone!