IntelliGender’s Gender Prediction Test™ (GPT) is an international phenomenon as mothers from around the world are learning about the possibility of knowing the gender of their baby sooner and easier than ever before! While the test is sold to many worldwide customers directly from our website, we are pursuing an aggressive international expansion program by partnering with exclusive distributors who have existing sales and marketing channels, and understand the cultural and economic nuances of their local consumer markets. The GPT is now sold in over 25 countries through local pharmacies, doctor’s offices and other maternity and retail outlets. And our coverage is growing quickly. Look for us in to expand soon to Eastern and Western Europe, as well as other Asian Pacific counties. Check the Locater Tab on our website to contact a Reseller in your country.

Note: IntelliGender does not sell our GPT test in India; nor do we license the sale of our product to this country. If the test is being sold locally in this market, it is not an IntelliGender authorized sale and we do not support this product.