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Mommy Trends of 2007: The Next Big Things in Pregnancy and Parenting

By BabyZone

Gender Prediction Kits

An impatient couple can now discover the sex of their baby just a few weeks into pregnancy. These new products for at-home use either test urine and give an immediate result or require collecting a blood sample that you send off to a lab.

If you’re looking for quick results, Intelligender may be your best bet. To answer the ultimate question of boy or girl, simply test a sample of your morning urine between your eighth and thirty-second week of pregnancy. The company claims a 94-percent accuracy rate, and the tests, available online, cost about $34.



Boy or Girl?

Is the little “peanut” that’s growing in my belly destined for hues of blue or sassy shades of pink? This, my friends, is the question.And, if things go according to plan, Chris and I won’t have to wait the normal 20-plus weeks to hear the answer! A new company in Dallas, IntelliGender, is working to create an at-home gender detection kit that can be taken during the first trimester and tomorrow I’m going to be a guinea pig — a very excited guinea pig.


much love~



What’s In the (Cocktail) Sauce?

It’s been two weeks since I last, what a slacker. But my lack of online input has simply been because I didn’t know how to follow-up on my last entry, “Boy or Girl?” Here’s my quandary, do I spill the beans on baby’s gender (yes, the hubby, Chris, and I now know) or do I keep it secret a little while longer? I decided to go with the latter … for now. =)

But here’s what happened on Halloween.

The representatives from IntelliGender (Rebecca and Teresa couldn’t be sweeter, by the way) stopped by the office to pick up “my sample.” I’d told them I didn’t have any “official” collection cups and asked what I should use. Rebecca said she’d received samples in everything, even a Starbuck’s cup. So the night before I pillaged the kitchen, looking for something suitable. Behold the abandoned shrimp-cocktail jar in the back of the fridge — perfect! It had a tight, no-spill lid and wasn’t gynormous like the pickle jar I’d contemplated only moments before.

I scrubbed the label off the jar, rinsed out all remnants of seafoodiness and gave it a run in the dishwasher. The next morning, thinking I’d been smart by finding such a user (and tester) friendly collection “cup,” I presented Rebecca and Teresa with my sample. “Wow, this is certainly a first,” they laughed upon seeing the jar lid, which read Golden Dipt Cocktail Sauce. My face turned crimson, much like the cocktail condiment I’d rinsed away the night before. “Hey, at least it has a lid,” I joked, knowing it would be a long ride back to the testing area without one.

By 3:30 that afternoon, the “sauce” had spoken.

much love~

p.s. A big thanks to all of you who e-mailed and weighed in on “peanut’s” gender. I loved reading your responses.

Also, lots of searches for intelligender. This is definitely something that is getting attention, whether you are a skeptic or a believer. I took the test. The result was GIRL. And I am having a girl. That is all I can tell you. Well, I suppose if I really wanted to I could show a picture of the result. But it’s pee, people. And no, this is not a glorified drano test. If you visit snopes.com you’ll find out all sorts of lovely information about the drano test. The least of which is that there about 12 different stories for how to do the test, and how to interpret the results. I don’t know if intelligender is the new big thing in reproductive science. It was right for me though. One bit of advice: Don’t try it before 10 weeks. I’ve seen more errors in my research when the test was taken before 10 weeks. Don’t stir the hell out of the test either. Just swirl once, maybe twice. Then set a timer for 7 minutes and walk away. Don’t even try to interpret the test as it changes, because I’ve seen alot of people drive themselves nuts about that too. And one last thing. DO NOT take it too seriously! Really? The only conclusive proof is birth. Is there a penis? Boy. No penis? Girl. Even ultrasounds are not 100%. Yes, it was right for us. But I kept an open mind the entire time before the ultrasound and told myself (and my husband) that it’s not a proven science. Granted, this is not something anyone wants to be a proven science because then someone who is hell bent on having a particular sex could just abort a baby that was the “wrong” one. So seriously, take it like it is… a bit of fun while you’re waiting for your “big” ultrasound. That’s all. If you think you’ll take it too seriously and go on some kind of rampage against the company if it’s wrong (when they don’t claim 100% accuracy anyway) save your money and over-analyze all your symptoms instead to try to predict the gender. (Posted on www.icemycake.com)