Community Service

Heroes for Children – Dallas, TX (

Rebecca Griffin, Advisory Board Member

Heroes for Children provides direct financial assistance to families with children battling cancer.  The average gift is $750 to assist towards such necessary expenses as mortgage/rent, utilities, car payments, or even funerals for children who have lost their battle to cancer.  This is the largest program and main focus of Heroes for Children.  More than $45,000 is spent each month on direct financial assistance.  In 2008, Heroes for Children fulfilled 686 requests for financial assistance. With more awareness of the organization come more requests for funding.  To date, no request has ever been denied. Heroes for Children strives to continue with the ability to fund each and every need.

Child Abuse Prevention Center – Dallas, TX (

Teresa Garland, Advisory Board Member (Past President)

The Child Abuse Prevention Center (CAP Center) seeks to prevent the cycle of child abuse by equipping parents and caregivers for success. Our Center works to empower its clients by providing evidence-based home mentoring and community education programs.  Since opening our doors in 1992, we have served more than 34,500 clients including teenage parents, families living in poverty, first-time parents who lack strong support systems, geographically isolated families and parents who were abused themselves.  Through these programs we have demonstrated that prevention works!  96% of families served for at least three months in 2009 did not have substantiated cases of child abuse or neglect.