Topic Tuesday ~ Homework Schedules

Homework can often be a stressful and tension filled time for families. Research clearly says doing homework enhances not only children’s learning but also essential skills they will need to succeed in school and in life. These include such things as organization, problem solving skills, attention span, memorization & goal-setting.

Here are some helpful tips to make homework time more successful.

  • Agree on a specific homework time everyday as a family. Many kids need a break after school, while others can simply dive right in. Find your children’s best time to work and stick to it each and every day. 
  • Insist that homework is your child’s responsibility. Resist the temptation of always sitting next to him or her. Offer your help when needed. This will teach your child to be independent and confident.
  • Praise! This is so important. Kids need to learn the importance of hard work & effort. Homework provides a great opportunity for you to reinforce his perseverance. When they have an “I did it!” moment, offer a hug, a pat on the back or a trip out for ice cream as a family.

Topic Tuesday!

Sports or no sports?

Our Answers Here At IntelliGender:

“Yes, we’ve been in sports for a long while! Our oldest son was a fabulous 2nd baseman, but stopped playing when he entered high school. Our middle son really enjoyed roller hockey, which was big at the time. With our youngest son, he tried all the sports, but a few years ago, we insisted he pick one to focus on and that ended up being basketball (he’s fairly tall for his age). He has asked to play football, but his Dad is adamant that he will not play until high school (if then). It is such a dangerous sport – too many opportunities for life impacting injuries to occur in growing bones….and brains!”

“I have one child who ADORES tennis. No issues here. I have two other boys who would prefer a book over any athletic activity whatsoever. But, hubby and I encourage that they participate in an at least one sport. For us that is basketball and karate. Great social skill outlet and the video games HAVE to be turned off now and then, right?”

Topic Tuesday!

How old were you when you had your first date? How will this impact when & who your child/children can date?

Our Answers At IntelliGender:

“My first date was a group date when I was 13 to the movies. Yes, I said 13! Having 10 year old twins already (yikes!) they will not be allowed to date at 13. Why? Mother hen instinct I guess. We will consider 16, although I would choose to have them wait to start dating until they are 25….at least! Kidding….Who they date matters too. Although it is their choice who they fall for, mom and dad will always have a say until age 18. My boys have a good head on their shoulders though. I’m not too worried about this….yet!”

“My first date was at 13 when I went with a boy and his older sister and boy friend (both in high school) to the movies. That night happened to also be my first kiss, which freaked me out. After that, I didn’t want to date anymore! I will let my 12 year old go to the movies now with multiple friends and girls can be in the mix. But we constantly stress respect and being a gentleman or that privilege gets lost. So far, so good! (He knows mom and dad will make choices for him, if needed!)”

Chime in, mom! What about you?

Topic Tuesday!

What was your baby’s favorite baby jar food?
Our Answers At IntelliGender:

 “For the twins it was sweet potatoes and peas. They LOVED these! For my youngest it was definitely bananas. He ate a jar of bananas every single meal!”

“I don’t remember their favorite food but I know my oldest son drank so much carrot juice, he was orange. Otherwise known as “carotosis”.”

“For my son, it was all about the bananas, too!”

Topic Tuesday!

Did you attend Lamaze classes prior to baby’s birth? If so, did you find it beneficial?

Our Answers At IntelliGender:

“Yes. My husband and I attended classes when I was pregnant with the twins (1st pregnancy). We did not with our 3rd. I think the techniques learned were more beneficial with my 3rd child. Being pregnant with twins and giving birth was so “watched over” by my doctor that implementing any techniques, birthing postions, etc. really could not be used. I found the classes more beneficial for “singleton” pregnancies.”

“We did Lamaze with the first. It was good to learn what to expect but I didn’t have time to implement anything I learned.”

“Nope, I did not go through Lamaze classes. I figured that I could “go with the flow” when I got there. It was kind-of funny – hubby was trying to help me breath (and telling me to push) and the doc finally raised up his head and asked him to be quiet!”

What about you Mom? Did you take Lamaze classes?

Topic Tuesday!

What piece of advice can you give other dads-to-be that makes the transition easier from “married couple” to “married with children”?

The Dads of IntelliGender:
“Your love for your wife is different than the love for your children. Both add to the other.”
“Remember that it’s no longer about you – it’s about the kids. And memorize these 2 words, “Yes Dear.”
“Learn to listen and learn patience! It’s no longer about you. It’s about them.”

Topic Tuesday!

What is the best Christmas present your children have ever given you?
The Dads of IntelliGender:

“My kids gave me a hand painted platter one year with all their little handprints on it. I think they were 6,4,1 and baby at the time.”

“My three boys gave me a home-made Christmas present when they were 8 (twins) and 4. Each one of them gave me a card that had been colored and decorated. They all attached a new pencil to it from the pencil machine at school.”

“The look of joy on their faces Christmas morning.”

Topic Tuesday!

What is a holiday tradition you have as a family? 
Our Answers At IntelliGender:

“Every year, each of my boys gets an advent calendar. Each day they open a door in December they receive a small piece of chocolate. They look forward to this every holiday! On Christmas Eve each year, we have homemade chili & homemade sopapillas with honey. Delish!”

“Every year, we open a “Christmas Eve” gift of our choice (well…sorta. My son is always wanting to open the biggest present so I have to “redirect” him!) We also will sit by the fire and sing a Christmas carol or two.”

“On New Year’s day over a special meal (often at the Pine Creek Cookhouse at the top of the cross country skiing path on a beautiful sunny day) we go around the table and share our “highs and lows” of the year.”

You are up, mom! What kind of traditions do you have?

Topic Tuesday!

Pacifier or no pacifier?

Our Answers Here At IntelliGender:

“Some moms don’t want to start the whole pacifier routine. But, all three of mine had one! And, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I had a baby with colic and one that never could self soothe. The “paci’s” saved my life as a mom!”

“Well, I definitely tried to get that boy to enjoy a paci, but if there wasn’t any milk coming out of it, he wanted nothing to do with it! So no pacifier here. And…..he was officially off the bottle and on to a sippy cup at 12 months!”

“Up to the baby. Half of mine did and half didn’t. No harm no foul either way.”

What about you, mom? Did you use a pacifier or bypass it all together?

Topic Tuesday!

Do you have “pet” names for your children?

Our Answers At IntelliGender:

“Yes, of course! All three of my boys are known as “The A Team”. Hence, all of their first names begin with the letter A. My youngest is called “Sweet Adi”. My middle son is “Awesome-Dawson” and my oldest is “Quick Feet” because he is the fastest little tennis player around.”

“I don’t really have pet names but Robb calls Allie Alliegator, His brother calls Robbi Robbi Dobie and my dad calls Peyton PJ.”

“Of course. “I love you a lot Polka Dot (click click click with the tongue), I love you a lot polka dot (click click click), I love you a lot, my little polka dot, I love you a lot polka dot”. All my little ones learned how to click click click before they could talk (in tune too). Who can guess the tune? I love to make up songs- I love you a ton honey bun…….
Nick is Nickerdoodle, and Pickle and Nick-a-nater. Olivia is Liv, Livvie, Ollie-Canololi, sweet baby Oli, Joe is Joe Bear, Jo-Jo- and Bear. Luke is Monkey boy and mostly Bam Bam. I call him my Velcro boy because he is the best hugger ever and is just stuck to you like velcro.”

“Our middle son Jesse is “Jester” and Garrett is “G”, “G-man” and “Sniggle Fritz”!”

Do you have “pet names” for your kids, mom? Drop us a line and let us know what they are!