TRENDY THURSDAY ~ Baby Products 2012

Customization ~

Parents love any item that they can personalize to their needs and tastes. This can start even as early as the first few weeks of pregnancy! Share belly photos of baby’s growth to share and savor for years to come. Love these. 🙂

Modern Design with Loads of Color ~

Chocolate brown is a hip color that can be incorporated into bedding and nursery accessories, for a boy or a girl. One of the most popular combinations is chocolate brown and pink or chocolate brown and teal. In 2012, many parents are choosing to move away from characters and busy patterns. A simple color palette is sought after more these days.

Dress to Impress ~

Parents love to express their child’s personality through fun and funky clothes – like popular onesies with a favorite band or cute saying, or diva and rockstar onesies. Bold, bright colors are super popular too.