Thursdays Thoughts…The Gift of All Things New

“Nine Months”
Author: Unknown
My precious little baby,
I have loved you from the start.
You are a tiny miracle
Laying closely to my heart.
Each day I feel your presence,
Each day you quickly grow,
Each day your heart beats softly,
As only I could know.
So, I’ll keep this in a special place
And remember each year through,
Of this special time in my life
In the months I carried you.

Thursdays Thoughts…Mother Knows Best!

Do you remember seeing your precious little one on the ultrasound machine screen for the very first time? I sure do.
I’ve heard so many moms mention or say “I just knew I was pregnant with a boy”. Or, “I just knew this baby was a girl from the very beginning.”
Do you think there is really something to a mom’s intuition and the gender she is carrying? Some believe so.
The following brief article appeared in the Lifeline column of USA Today (October 20, 1998):
MOTHER KNOWS BEST: Expectant mothers can use the power of intuition to learn the sex of their unborn babies, says a University of Arizona study. Women who claimed to have an intuition about the gender of their child made the right choice 70% of the time. A survey of college students also found 80% believe their mothers are more intuitive than their fathers.
Others choose to believe that there is no way to really know baby’s gender until they are safely in your arms after birth. However you came to know your child’s gender, every precious child is a gift. Boy or girl.

Thursdays Thoughts…The Importance of Reading With Your Child

It’s never too early to start reading to your child. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends reading aloud daily to your baby starting at 6 months of age — about the time when he’ll really begin to enjoy looking at books with you.
Reading will help build your child’s vocabulary, stimulate his imagination, and improve his communication skills. In fact, the more you speak to your child from the very beginning, the better it is for his growth and development. Studies have shown that language skills, and even intelligence, are related to how many words an infant hears each day.
For the first few months, your infant will begin picking up the rhythm of sounds rather than the content that is spoken. Little ones love colorful pictures and vibrant photos as well. Choose a book about animals, babies or objects. Babies love to see and hear familiar sounds & see familiar objects. Repetition is great at this age.
Be sure to choose books with heavy duty pages. Little hands love to grab and touch the pages.
Whether your child is 4 months or 4 years, reading is a wonderful learning tool as well as an excellent bonding time between parent and child. You will provide them with the love of learning and the joy of a great book.