What’s Your Birth Story, Mom?

Barbie Pitchnerkee

My water broke at 36 weeks. Soon after that my sons umbilical cord came out. We rushed to the hospital and immediately the nurses were in panic mode. (This has only happened at our hospital 2 times included myself) They kept telling me my son might not make it and rushed me into the OR. I was out and in surgery within minutes. My boyfriend and 20+ family members waited in the waiting room in silence waiting to hear that we were alright. Doctor Munger delivered Asher weighing 6 pound 6 ounces on October 20th 2010. With all the panic it was the best feeling ever waking up and seeing my boyfriend hold our healthy baby. I’m due the end of August and I’m just hoping she comes out as planned. (:

What’s Your Birth Story, Mom?

Melissa Joyce

My birth story started out with the doctors appointment. I was fourty weeks and two days and absolutely miserable swollen ankles and everything. I remember the doctor sitting here saying you may start dilating next week so come back than. I looked at him and said but your nurse practitioner told me that I could choose to be induced or whatever after fourty weeks and she did say that my fiance and mother were standing there. The doctor looked at me and said go get the ultrasound done and tell me what the size is. I go get an ultrasound done so that he will agree to do the c section because I knew this kid was huge well needless to say the next day I got my wish and matthew james ortmeier was brought into this world via c section on 02-23-2011 at eight eleven in the morning he was eight pounds and fourteen poin eight ounces. and has been quite an intereesting part of mine and brents life.

Thursday Thoughts ~ Changing Diapers 101

Changing a diaper takes practice, but one task that you will learn quickly, mom!

Here are just a few hints to make it as quick and easy for you (and baby) as possible….

Take care not to make the diaper too tight. You do want to avoid leaks, however, a too-tight diaper can cause pressure on your baby’s stomach making him more likely to spit up. This is especially true after feedings.

If your baby has a rash that doesn’t seem to be clearing up after a few days, or if he seems to be in a lot of pain and has skin that is red and raw in appearance, contact your health care provider immediately.

If you are using a changing table, always make sure that you use the safety straps. Even when using the straps, never leave a child unattended on an elevated surface.

Some parents don’t like using a changing table. An alternative to this is to use a changing pad on the floor or bed.

Keep diapers are wipes close! Having multiple changing stations throughout the house oftentimes makes diaper changes faster and easier.

TRENDY THURSDAY ~ Cloth Diapering!

Thinking of using cloth diapers for your new little bundle?

Here are the the types of cloth diapers available and the pros and cons of each:

All In One’s

PROS: Easy to use. Makes diaper changes fast and easy.
CONS: Long drying times. Wear out fast due to frequent washings.

All In Two’s

PROS: Easy to use. Daycare friendly. High resale value. Most like disposables.
CONS: Expensive. Need a large quantity.

Pocket Diapers

PROS: Not too bulky. Keeps baby dry as moisture is pulled away from the skin quickly.
CONS: Long drying times. May have problems with build-up on the synthetic liners.

What about you, Mom? Do you cloth diaper or plan to? What brand do you love and use? Tell us!