Magical Monday….Baby’s First Steps

Your baby will probably figure out how to work himself all the way around from lying on his stomach to sitting up during the ninth, tenth, or eleventh month. Yet even if he can’t get there himself, if you sit him up, he should probably be able to sustain a sitting position for some time by the tenth month. 

It won’t be long until baby is cruising around….and I don’t mean crawling! Walking is a huge milestone and one parents are thrilled to experience with their child. Seeing those first steps is nothing short of amazing. Cherish them! 

Every child is different, but here are the basic key stages your little angel will encounter over their first year:

Pulling himself up to a standing position (9 to 12 months)
Cruising along the edges of furniture (9 to 13 months)
Standing on his own with no support (9 to 14 months)
Walking (10 to 15 months)