IntelliGender ~ Girl or Boy…Share the joy…with all of us!

So, you’ve taken the IntelliGender Gender Prediction Test, mom. Or perhaps you’re thinking about it. Girl or Boy…Share the joy!

We do receive inquires about determining what a test result says. Perhaps the lighting wasn’t good or there is just a hint of uncertainty with mom. Here are just a few pictures of some Boy results and some Girl results….

This is a GREAT girl result. Very clear. Remember…always read your test result at eye level in natural lighting.

Perfect boy result! Wouldn’t you say?

Another great girl result….read the “liquid” portion of the test. Any sediment on the bottom of the cup should be disregarded.

Very dark boy result. Be sure to place the test on a flat light colored surface to achieve the best reading.

So what did your IntelliGender Gender Prediction Test say? We love receiving testimonials from all of you mom, so be sure to submit one today or post your pics and stories on our Facebook page! We love that.

MONDAY MYTH ~ Morning Sickness and Baby’s Gender

Where does morning sickness play into baby’s gender?

Well it really doesn’t. Whether you are sick or have a distinct distate for certain kinds of food doesn’t matter when it comes to whether baby is a boy or girl.

Some believe more morning sickness means you’re carrying a boy. It is said that a boy makes larger amounts of testosterone which circulates in your system, therefore triggering nausea. In the same vein, it is said that testosterone also brings about acne in moms, and that one with an acne attack must surely be carrying a boy. But although acne and some illnesses are triggered by hormones, these hormones are in the mother’s system and not in the fetus’s. Besides, whatever hormones there are come in very minuscule amounts to even affect the mother in the first place.

How did morning sickness play in baby’s gender for you, mom?

The IntelliGender Gender Prediction Test ~ So…How Does It Work?

Curious about baby’s gender? The IntelliGender Gender Prediction Test is a fun pre-birth experience for moms who can’t wait to know! Use as early as 10 weeks of pregnancy in the comfort of your own home.
We are asked often how our test works. Well, we have an answer for you!


IntelliGender’s Gender Prediction Test is a simple urine analysis similar to the pregnancy test you took a few weeks ago. It uses first morning urine and a proprietary mix of chemicals which reacts with a combination of hormones to indicate the gender of your baby. It is an easy test to perform and provides quick results in-home so the news can be shared right away.
Our test is NOT a Ph test, nor a Drano test. Normal Ph for urine will vary from 4.5 to 8. In laboratory testing, the Ph of every sample is measured and both girl results and boy results span the Ph range of 4.5 to 8 with no relevance to gender.
It is critical to follow the instructions step by step when testing. First morning urine is critical. Failing to do so could lead to an inconclusive or inaccurate result. Remember to swirl, not shake. Refrain from sexual activity for at least 48 hours prior to testing. Preliminary tests indicate that there may be a link between false boy results and recent sexual intimacy.
IntelliGender does not recommend making any financial, emotional or family planning decisions based on the test results. This includes painting the nursery.
Take a peek at our independent studies as well, mom. They are quite interesting and very informative. Have a look!

Thursdays Thoughts…Mother Knows Best!

Do you remember seeing your precious little one on the ultrasound machine screen for the very first time? I sure do.
I’ve heard so many moms mention or say “I just knew I was pregnant with a boy”. Or, “I just knew this baby was a girl from the very beginning.”
Do you think there is really something to a mom’s intuition and the gender she is carrying? Some believe so.
The following brief article appeared in the Lifeline column of USA Today (October 20, 1998):
MOTHER KNOWS BEST: Expectant mothers can use the power of intuition to learn the sex of their unborn babies, says a University of Arizona study. Women who claimed to have an intuition about the gender of their child made the right choice 70% of the time. A survey of college students also found 80% believe their mothers are more intuitive than their fathers.
Others choose to believe that there is no way to really know baby’s gender until they are safely in your arms after birth. However you came to know your child’s gender, every precious child is a gift. Boy or girl.

Guest Blogger Thursday ~ Lisa from

support during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum

About the Doula | Benefits of a Labor Doula | Doula Services

When my husband and I found out we were pregnant with our third child, we made the decision to give birth naturally with a midwife. Our first two were born in the hospital with full out inductions and epidurals (for no medical reason), because we were uneducated about childbirth and we followed the hospital norms. Skeptical about a home birth, my husband agreed to a birthing center birth. It wasn’t until about 31 or 32 weeks that someone introduced me to a doula in training.

doula is an experienced, non-medical assistant who provides physical, emotional and informed choice support in prenatal care and support, during childbirth and during the postpartum period. A birth doula offers continuous care for labor in many settings, to include homebirth, birth center and hospital birth.
You would have never guessed that my doula was in training. I felt like a queen during the entire labor and birth process, and I could not have pictured my birth going any better than it did. I firmly believe that having a doula by my side made a world of difference in the way I labored and gave birth to our son. I was confident, empowered, happy, fun-loving, not stressed, excited, certain, relieved, over joyed, calm, and on and on and on, mostly because I had a wonderful doula who helped me be strong and helped me enjoy my birthing experience!
According to DONA International:
Numerous clinical studies have found that a doula’s presence at birth

  • tends to result in shorter labors with fewer complications
  • reduces negative feelings about one’s childbirth experience
  • reduces the need for pitocin (a labor-inducing drug), forceps or vacuum extraction and cesareans
  • reduces the mother’s request for pain medication and/or epidurals

Research shows parents who receive support can:

  • Feel more secure and cared for
  • Are more successful in adapting to new family dynamics
  • Have greater success with breastfeeding
  • Have greater self-confidence
  • Have less postpartum depression
  • Have lower incidence of abuse
After the natural, un-medicated birth of my son, I     decided that I had found my calling. It is a great feeling to help empower and support women through one of the most important and joyous rite of passages in their life.
I am extremely honored to be able support mothers during this special time, and I feel that every mother, no matter her circumstance should have the gift of the presence of a doula for her pregnancy, labor, and postpartum adventures.
I am currently taking time off  from being a doula as we prepare to welcome our fourth child into our family in late September or early October.  At this birth I will have 2 aspiring doulas in attendance as well as the midwives and their apprentices (who happen to be doulas as well).  Although we have chosen not to OFFICIALLY (via medical testing) find out the gender of this baby, our 12 year old daughter will have the honor of announcing to the room the gender of her new sibling.  We just took the IntelliGender test this morning, and our result was: 
About the Author: – Lisa Johnston is a Mom Blogger and labor doula from Houston, Texas.  She and her husband have three kiddos and one on the way.  In her spare time, while others like long walks on the beach, reading dirty novels, and fine dining, she’s picking Spaghettio’s out of the couch, wiping bottoms,  and, of course, cruising the internet to find deals to post on the blog she staff writes for

Top Five Tuesday – Top Five Reasons To Take An IntelliGender Test

1) Catch An Early Peek – When I found out I was pregnant (both times) I couldn’t wait to know whether my little bun in the oven was a boy or a girl. Waiting until 18-20 weeks for an ultrasound was SO hard! You can use the IntelliGender GPT as early as 10 weeks of pregnancy to take an early peek. The test is about 82% accurate (real world results) when the instructions are followed step by step.

2) It’s Simple – In minutes you’ll know whether baby is a boy or a girl! Taking the test is easy and simple to do. Instructions are included with each test. You can also view our instructional video on our YouTube page. (

3) Affordable – The IntelliGender GPT is available in many major retailers, such as CVS, Babies R Us and RiteAid. You can order directly from our website too! We are currently running special online pricing:
$27.99 + Free S/H (in the US)
Order 2 or more tests and receive an additional 15% off.

4) It’s Fun – Why not include your better half or a friend in the test taking? Share this memorable moment together!

5) Share With Others – Be sure to post your test results to our social media outlets. Share your sonogram pictures, baby pictures and testimonials. Why? Because we LOVE that! Our social media mom communities are very active and are fun to be a part of. Come share your journey with us!

The Perfect Gift For Father’s Day…..

There’s something like a line of gold thread running through a man’s words when he talks to his daughter, and gradually over the years it gets to be long enough for you to pick up in your hands and weave into a cloth that feels like love itself. ~John Gregory Brown

What is the definition of fatherhood?
Fatherhood (noun) – the kinship relation between an offspring and the father

This is such a simple definition for an incredibly intimate bond. Fatherhood is so much deeper and broader than this. Emotionally, spiritually and physically we are tied to our children. Whether we are fathers….or mothers.

Fatherhood is a way of life. It’s not just about raising your children….or in simple terms, feeding and clothing them. When you bring a child into your life, your whole world changes. Your relationship changes with your spouse, you learn what unconditional love feels like, watching your child soak up the world around them is truly magical, your heart melts when that tiny voice says I love you when you see your children at the end of a hard day at work…

What was dad’s reaction when you told him that he was going to be a father? Was he nervous, overjoyed, scared…or perhaps a combination of all of these?
Becoming a mother or a father is a precious time in one’s life. One in which you truly realize how amazing life really is.

IntelliGender’s Gender Prediction Test™ is an affordable, simple-to-use urine test that provides immediate gender results in the privacy and comfort of the home. In minutes, the IntelliGender Gender Prediction Test indicates your gender result based upon an easy to read color match. Green indicates boy and orange indicates girl!

As early as 10 weeks into your pregnancy (8 weeks post- conception)!  Our Gender Prediction Test bridges the curiosity gap between conception and sonogram!

How about surprising the expectant dad with an early peek at baby’s gender? Girl or Boy? Share the joy…with daddy this Father’s Day.
Special Offers
Congratulations on your pregnancy ~
The Moms (and Dads) of IntelliGender

Where Can You Find IntelliGender?

Well, we are popping up all over the place! And we love that.

We love the mom community. Being moms ourselves, we see the importance of creating community and sharing the journey of motherhood worldwide. We love the IntelliGender Gender Prediction Test. When a woman finds out she is expecting she can’t help but wonder what that tiny little miracle is….a boy or a girl? Being able to take a peek as early as 10 weeks at baby’s gender is nothing short of amazing.

But, motherhood is not a small window. It reaches beyond 9 months. It lasts a lifetime! Knowing that we realized we wanted to share every piece of that journey. Really from conception to becoming a grandparent.

With that being said, we have opened the doors of social media. Meaning, extending our “hug” beyond pregnancy. Being a mother is a very demanding job. A joyous one, but a demanding one none the less. Right?

So join us on our journey as mothers. We certainly want to join you.