MONDAY MOMENTS ~ Baby’s Very First Birthday

Baby’s 1st Birthday……
This is truly one of the best and most memorable birthdays you will celebrate with your child. 
During your little one’s first year of life, there will be so many milestones reached, changes in his or her appearance and the blossoming of their unique personality.
Make their 1st birthday special by celebrating with close friends and family members. 
You may choose to host a celebration at your home or out at a restaurant. Wherever you choose, it will be special and so magical.
Some things to remember when planning a party:
Create your own invitations or have them printed at a local party shop. Whatever you choose, be sure to save one to add to your little one’s baby book. 
When you order a cake, order a separate cake to let baby dive into! Although it is messy and your angel will require a bit of extra scrub time in the bath, it will be worth it. The pictures you’ll take will be priceless!
Thank you notes are a must. In a world full of social media, we often do not take the time to write a hand-written note anymore. Taking the time to do so after baby’s party will be a welcome surprise and thoughtful reminder to your loved ones.
Baby’s 1st year flies by. Preserve the memories. You’ll look back on these precious times over and over again throughout the years.