TRENDY THURSDAY ~ Cloth Diapering!

Thinking of using cloth diapers for your new little bundle?

Here are the the types of cloth diapers available and the pros and cons of each:

All In One’s

PROS: Easy to use. Makes diaper changes fast and easy.
CONS: Long drying times. Wear out fast due to frequent washings.

All In Two’s

PROS: Easy to use. Daycare friendly. High resale value. Most like disposables.
CONS: Expensive. Need a large quantity.

Pocket Diapers

PROS: Not too bulky. Keeps baby dry as moisture is pulled away from the skin quickly.
CONS: Long drying times. May have problems with build-up on the synthetic liners.

What about you, Mom? Do you cloth diaper or plan to? What brand do you love and use? Tell us!

Wednesday 101 ~ Dealing With Diaper Rash

Dealing with diaper rash on your sweet angel?

The key to preventing and treating diaper rash is to keep your baby’s diaper area clean, cool and dry. If the rash does not go away with simple treatment at home, it is best to contact baby’s pediatrician to make sure you are not dealing with an infection.

Tips on preventing and treating diaper rash:

Check your baby’s diaper often and change it when it’s wet or soiled.

Carefully clean your baby’s bottom between diaper changes. Use plain warm (not hot) water with or without a very mild soap.
Allow your baby’s skin to dry completely before putting on another diaper.
Avoid baby wipes and soaps that are scented. The alcohol or fragrance can make skin irritation worse in some cases.
Use products that contain zinc oxide ointment or petroleum to protect your baby’s skin from moisture creating a barrier.
After bathing, pat your baby’s bottom dry with a towel rather than scrubbing it.
If diaper rash persists, change the type of wipes, diapers or soap you’re using. Baby’s are known to often have sensitive skin. 
What else do you do or have you done to prevent or treat diaper rash, mom? Send us a shout out!

MONDAY MYTH ~ Common Myths About Diaper Rash

Rare is the baby that doesn’t get a diaper rash now and then. But, preventing diaper rash? Well there are a few myths about that, mom. So what are they?

Change the Diaper Each Time the Baby Urinates: The normal newborn urinates 20 or more times each day. It’s neither practical nor necessary to change the diaper after each urination. Not only would doing so take a lot of time, but it would become very expensive. Unless their is stool mixed with the urine, it’s only necessary to change the diaper six to eight times per day.

Cloth Diapers Prevent or Cure Diaper Rash: Research shows that the only thing worse than cloth diapers for causing diaper rash is cloth diapers with plastic pants, which is how most cloth diapers are used. The type of diaper is less important than how often it is changed. Research cloth diapering brands before buying them. If all else fails, buy a few diapers from multiple brands to see which work best with baby’s skin.

Wash the Baby at Each Diaper Change: This is not necessary since urine is not an irritant. Only if there’s stool mixed with the urine will it irritate the skin. Washing a baby’s diaper area too often can irritate the skin and increase the chances of irritation. Aggressive efforts to keep the baby’s bottom dry may do more harm than good. Using a hair dryer to blow dry the skin may cause skin chafing, giving it a “wind burn” and making diaper dermatitis more likely.

Baby Powder Should Always Be Used After Changing a Diaper: Baby powder should be avoided. It has little absorptive abilities. And if inhaled, it can irritate the baby’s lungs, causing a pneumonia.

Baby Wipes Will Irritate the Baby’s Skin: This is true only if they contain alcohol. Most wipes on the market now are designed to be “skin neutral.” They may not be very moisturizing, but are not very drying either.

    TRENDY THURSDAY ~ Diaper Bags Mom Love

    Diaper bags…..are they in or are they out? Well mom, they are definately IN!

    But, the styles mom are choosing nowadays are fun, funky and just plain cool.

    Urban chic is certainly in. Bright colorful fabrics, beautiful prints, and bold stripes are at the top of the list.

    Many moms are choosing to skip out on the store bought styles. More are choosing to find unique styles from fellow mom artists. Choosing one of a kind bags that they know no other mama will have at the weekly play group!

    Choosing bags with loads of pockets is also still at the top of the list. With car keys, cell phones and baby’s things in tow, it’s still important to provide a special spot for all of these necessities. Most mamas’ are choosing not to skip out on this important aspect of the diaper bag.

    So what about you mom? What style of bag do you love? And, why do you love it? We wanna know!