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Natural Childbirth, Pain Managed Childbirth or C-Section?

Our Answers Here At IntelliGender:

“As soon as my doctor confirmed I was pregnant, I had him write in my patient folder with a hot pink marker in all capital letters, “(Patient Name) WANTS DRUGS!!”

“Do we have enough room for 4 labors? With my first, I went in to be induced the night before with the pill they place in your cervix. That was more painful than childbirth. I was then instructed to take a sleeping (crazy pill) and show up in the morning. I woke up at midnight and thought I had menstrual cramps. Totally confused, we called the hospital and told them I was cramping. They said not to worry and go back to sleep. We forgot to tell them we had been induced 6 hours before. I sat up all night then told my husband it must be time. He proceeded to make the bed, sandwiches, etc. By the time we got to the hospital, the anesthesiologist had to deliver my baby. While getting stitched up, I told hubby I could have 10 of these, and I meant it! With my 2nd, my OB fired me so I had to go on a wild search. After interviewing a dozen OB’s, I landed on one. It was down hill from there. He and I couldn’t agree on my due date. I of course knew exactly when I conceived! We were off by a day but when I asked him if his “wheel” took leap year into account, he decided he didn’t like me either. He made me go almost full term. He wanted to break my water but I refused. He said, “I will let you manage your labor to a degree but I am the doctor”. I said “that’s right and I hired you and I can fire you!”. In hindsight, not the right thing to say in your labor bed. Meanwhile, for some strange reason, the epidureal didn’t work and he claimed to not believe me. My 2nd son came into this earth with me kicking and screaming, and he has been doing the same ever since! The other two deliveries pale in comparison so I won’t even elaborate. :-)”

“My twins were 10 weeks early. I did opt for the epidural early on as my contractions were very intense, but was able to have a successful delivery; no c-section. At 6 cm. I couldn’t stand the pain with my 3rd child, so I opted for the epidural again. He was born happy and healthy; again no c-section.”

“I went natural with all 3. The first 2 went super fast 3 hours and 1 hour. By the time it started really hurting it was too late for an epidural. My 3rd daughter was a little slower since they induced me. If I would have known that it was going to take longer I would have had one for sure!”

Now it’s your turn, mom! Leave a comment and let us know how labor and delivery was for you. Isn’t it amazing how EVERYONE has a completely different birth story?

IntelliCeuticals ClearAway Cradle Cream

Does baby suffer from cradle cap?

IntelliCeutical’s ClearAway Cradle Cream will help to improve the condition of your baby’s scalp – while providing mom security in those highly sought-after baby pictures!

Provides much needed moisture to your baby’s tender scalp
Reduces the appearance of dryness and flakiness
what are the ingredients?

ClearAway Cradle Cream is a 100% natural formula which contains carefully selected herbs and oils in therapeutic dosage.

Almond essential oil (Oleum prunus amygdalas) (dried kernel) is a moisturizing oil that is natural and, as such, ideal for the susceptible skin on your baby’s scalp.
Marigold (Calendula officinalis) helps to maintain skin integrity and behaves as a gentle skin tonic.
Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica) is applied to dry, scaly skin to help with tone and apperance.
Heartsease (Viola tricolor) has an extended history of healing use and is a purifying herb. When used topically, Heartease is an exceptional skin tonic.

how do i use?
Lightly rub ClearAway Cradle Cream on your baby’s scalp, being careful not to apply pressure on the fontanelle. After use, gently massage your baby’s scalp with a soft wash cloth or towel. This will help to free any dry flakes which can then be removed with a soft brush. But please, don’t rub too hard or briskly! For the best results, plan to use ClearAway Cradle Cream on a regular basis..

CAUTION: For external use only. Not recommended for those with an allergy to nuts.

Learn more about ClearAway Cradle Cream here.
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Topic Tuesday!

Did you find out your baby’s gender before birth? 
If so, how many weeks pregnant were you and what was your initial reaction?
Our Answers Here At IntelliGender:

“I found out during my amnio. I thought I wanted a little girl until I saw him in my womb, reaching out to grab the needle from the procedure! Now we have three boys…even the grandchild is a boy. I love it. It is good to be “queen”!”

“My first pregnancy was twins. So, I HAD to know the gender! My husband and I found out at 18 weeks that we were expecting fraternal twin boys. We were absolutely elated! When I was pregnant with our third child, we also wanted to know the gender. I will be honest and say, we really wanted a girl to finish our family. We learned we were pregnant with boy #3 at 17 weeks. I’m a proud mama of boys and wouldn’t have it any other way. I just hope to be a grandmother to at least one granddaughter some day.”

“Yes. I was around 25 weeks with my first girl. Thrilled to have a girl! 32 weeks with my second. Wanted a girl so my first would have a sister and 14 weeks with my third. She was a surprise so I did not really have any preconceived thoughts about her gender. So glad I have her. Don’t know what I would be doing with my life if I were already an empty nester!”

“I did every known gender test under the sun. Chinese calendar as soon as I thought I might be pregnant. It was always correct. The Draino test, the ring test, you name it. With my second I wanted to be surprised so I held out until 7 months and then just couldn’t stand it anymore. With my 3rd, I knew via the sonogram. It was dangling down to his knees and I was convinced it would ascend into a “well- you know what”. Of course that didn’t happen and I wouldn’t trade him for 100 girls.”

Baby Basics

Shopping for your newborn can be a daunting task. There are so many baby products on the market it’s hard to choose the ones you’ll need. This baby basics shopping list will help you figure out exactly what you’ll need for the first few months after baby arrives.
5-8 onesies
2 blanket sleepers
5 pairs of socks or booties
2 hats
1 sweater (for winter babies)
Bassinet or crib
Baby mattress
4 fitted crib sheets
Baby lotion
Changing mat
Diaper rash ointment
Dirty diaper bin
Extra Must-haves
Diaper bag
10-12 receiving blankets
Dozen bottles (if bottle-feeding)
Nursing pads/Nursing bras (if breastfeeding)
Car seat
Baby nail clippers

Topic Tuesday!

Are your children named after a family member or was their name chosen from a baby names book?

Our Answers Here At IntelliGender:

“Our oldest was named after his father (he is a “Jr.”), our middle son’s name was because it was liked. And our youngest son’s first name came from his paternal grandmother’s married name and the middle name was from his father’s life long friend.”

“Only the oldest of each gender are named after a family member – Oldest son is named after my dad and my daughter is named after my husband’s mom (middle name).

“All of our children’s middle names are family names. First names were chosen because they were liked. Their middle names are from my side of the family and my husband’s side.”

You’re up mom! Leave a comment and let us know how your children’s names were chosen.