MONDAY MYTH ~ Could It Be An Ear Infection?

Has baby been pulling his or her ears?
My mother always said that ear pulling meant, EAR INFECTION! In some cases, yep, baby definately had an infection. In other cases nope, all clear.
“It’s normal for kids to tug on ears! They’re floppy, fun things to grab onto, and babies are very curious and interested in ears,” says Alan Greene, MD.”
Studies have shown that there’s no correlation between ear tugging and ear infections.” In fact, he points out, if an ear hurts, the baby probably won’t want to tug on it.”
There may or may not be other signs of infection present as well, other than ear pulling. Such as fever, irritability and/or a runny or stuffed up nose.
You know your baby best. If he or she seems out of sorts, it is always best to seek medical attention from your child’s doctor to be sure.