Thursday Crafts For Kids ~ Jingle Tube


For ages 5 and up.

Paper towel roll

1 sheet each blue and orange construction paper

Glue stick


8 feet yarn, cut into 4 equal pieces

6 jingle bells

White craft glue

Red, blue, and green construction paper cut into small squares

How to make it:

Place blue construction paper on the work surface. Cut the orange construction paper in half lengthwise. Lay half of the orange paper next to the blue paper. Overlap the orange paper about an each and use the glue stick to attach the blue and orange together. You should have enough paper to cover the length of the paper towel tube with some overlap at both ends.

Use glue stick to attach the paper to the paper towel tube, rolling it up until the tube is covered completely. Trim off excess.

Tuck the overlap into each end of the tube.

Thread 1-2 jingle bells onto each length of yarn, 2 bells on 2 pieces, 1 bell on 2 pieces. Tie a knot in each one to keep the bells stationary.

With the tube laying on the work surface, lay each length of yarn across the tube, alternating bells on each side. For example, lay the first length of yarn across the top of the tube, about an inch from the top with the bells on the left side. Place the next length of yarn about 2 inches below the first in the same fashion, only have the bells on the right. Secure the yarn with white craft glue and trim the ends when glue is dry.

Decorate the tube with small squares of blue, green, and red construction paper.

To use, hold the tube at the orange end and twist the tube left to right by moving your wrist left to right. This will cause the yarn and bells to swing back and forth around the tube.

Thursday Crafts For Kids ~ Juice Box Dolls



Ages 5 and up.

Empty rectangular juice box container

Construction paper in your favorite colors


2 large wiggle eyes (for each doll)

Felt scraps (for pigtail ties)

Black marker

Glue stick

Clear tape

White craft glue


How to make it:

Starting at the straw opening, carefully cut open the top of the juice box, but do not cut off the top.

Wash out the juice box and let it dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Cover the juice box container with construction paper using a glue stick. Try wrapping the box as if you were wrapping a birthday present! Tape both ends of the box if the glue stick will not hold.

Cut strips from construction paper for arms and legs, about 10” long for legs and 6” long for arms.

Fold strips accordion style then use glue stick to attach the arms to the sides of the container and legs to the bottom of the container.

Cut squares from black construction paper to make shoes and glue to the end of the legs.

Use white craft glue to attach the wiggle eyes to the front of the container.

For the girl dolls, cut yarn into 6” lengths. Put white glue all over the top of the container and center the strands across it.

Use small strips of scrap felt to gently tie (felt rips easily, be careful) sides of hair into pigtails. Trim ends of yarn so that they are even.

Cut ½” lengths of yarn for girl’s bangs and glue in place.

For the boy doll, cut yarn into short pieces about ¾” long. Put glue on the top of the container and add pieces to the glue, covering the container top.

Draw smiles on with black marker.

Thursday Crafts For Kids ~ New Year Crown


Yellow and white craft foam

White craft glue


Seed beads


Small colorful beads

Pieces of self adhesive hook-and-loop fasteners



How to make it:

Use a cookie sheet with sides to work on so that the beads do not fall all over the floor.

Cut a crown out of yellow craft foam using the pattern. Cut two 12- by 1-inch strips of white craft foam. Glue the white strips to the bottom edge of the yellow crown. Let dry.

Lift crown and place on child’s head to get a measurement for the headband. Trim where needed then attach a piece or two of hook-and-loop fastener that will hold headband in place.

Lay the crown face up and write “Happy New Year” with the white craft glue.

Cover the glue words with seed beads. Cover all the glue completely and very gently press down. Wait a few minutes before lifting the crown and letting the excess beads fall off.

Decorate the rest of the crown and the headband using sequins and small colorful beads. Let dry completely, this could take several hours.

Thursday Crafts For Kids ~ Handprint Rudolph


This is perfect for kids ages 4 and up!

1 sheet green construction paper

Acrylic paint: brown, red, and white

2 large wiggle eyes

½ glitter red chenille stem

1 glitter gold pom-pom

3″ silver ribbon

Black marker


White craft glue

How to make it:

Have your child write his/her name and the date on the back of the green construction paper.

Turn construction paper right side up.

Generously paint your child’s entire palm with brown paint.

Press your child’s hand and fingers onto the green paper, then lift straight up to avoid smearing.

Touch up any holes or gaps with a paintbrush and brown paint without destroying the handprint.

Use paintbrush to paint a “neck” below the handprint.

Glue wiggle eyes onto the handprint.

Roll the chenille into a tight, flat circle. Glue to the bottom of the palm print (see image).

Glue the ribbon onto the neck as a necklace.

Glue the gold pom-pom to the “necklace”.

Have child dip their finger into white paint and dot onto the border of the paper. Skip a space, leaving enough room to fit another fingerprint, then make another white dot. Continue around the border until done. Repeat this process with red paint in between the white dots.

Use black marker to draw a smile.

Thursday Crafts For Kids ~ CD Snowman Puppet


This is perfect for ages 6 and up! Easy to do and so, super cute!


Construction paper: white, black, red, orange

1.5″ wide strip of light blue felt

1 craft or popsicle stick

Black paint or marker

Pink crayon

White craft glue


How to make it:

Fold a sheet of white construction paper in half like a greeting card.

Cover one side of the CD with white craft glue.

Lay the CD, glue side down on one half of the white construction paper.

Cover the other side of the CD with white craft glue and press the open half of the white construction paper down onto the CD.

Gently rub the construction paper covered CD with your hands to be sure all the glue sticks.

Use scissors to cut around the CD, leaving a white construction paper circle.

Cut a long triangle from the orange construction paper. You can round off the thick end of the triangle if you like to make it appear more like a carrot. Glue the thick end of the triangle to the center of the CD, the pointed end will hang over the edge.

Glue the craft stick to the back of the CD to use as your handle. This also works double duty as the neck.

Fringe the ends of the blue felt strip by cutting thin strips with a pair of scissors. Wrap the “scarf” around the craft stick neck and glue in place.

Cut a simple hat from the black construction paper and glue the top of the CD.

Cut a red construction paper hat band and glue in place on the hat.

Use the handle end of a paintbrush dipped in black paint to dot on eyes and mouth. You can use a black marker instead if you prefer. Let the paint dry completely.

Add pink for the cheek with a pink crayon.

Thursday Crafts For Kids ~ Santa’s Hat


This is such a fun little craft for kids! Perfect for ages 4 and up.

Supplies needed:

1 sheet red construction paper

15-20 cotton balls


White craft glue



How to make it:

Use a ruler to find top center of the construction paper. Mark it with a dot.

Starting at the dot, use a ruler to draw a line down from the dot to the bottom right corner of the paper. Repeat on the left as well.

Cut out the triangle.

Line the short side of the triangle with a generous amount of white craft glue.

Press cotton balls on to the glue until the bottom of the triangle is covered. Pipe more glue above the cotton balls to create another row. Press cotton balls onto the glue.

Put some glue at the top of the triangle and press one cotton ball in place for the top of the hat.

Thursday Crafts For Kids ~ Glue Snowman


This is the perfect little craft for children ages 4 and up. Super cute and so easy! You’ve gotta try it!

Waxed paper

White craft or school glue

2 medium red pom-poms

7 miniature black pom-poms

1 miniature orange pom-pom

3 small green pom-poms

How to make it:

Place waxed paper on a cookie sheet and pipe glue on in the shape of a snowman. Fill all the holes and use a good amount of glue, but not too much that it begins to run together.

Add red pom-poms to the sides of the head for earmuffs. Add eyes and mouth with black pom-poms and the nose with orange. Use the green pom-poms for buttons.

Allow the snowman to dry overnight.

Carefully peel the snowman from the waxed paper. Do not be concerned if some of the paper sticks to the snowman.

Thursday Crafts For Kids ~ Paper Cup Turkey


This is the perfect little afternoon craft to show your Thanksgiving spirit! Perfect for kids age 6 and older.


Paper or foam cup (8.5 oz)

Acrylic paint in fall colors (brown, tan, orange, red, green, yellow, etc.)

Large pom-pom for head (brown, yellow, red, orange, etc.)

Small foam heart for gobbler (to contrast with color of head)

Small foam triangle (orange or yellow)

2 small wiggle eyes

3” x 2” piece of orange construction paper

1 sheet of white construction paper

White craft glue


How to make it:

Place cup upside down on work surface and paint brown.

To make the feathers, paint the white construction paper with several fall colors, crisscrossing the colors as you go. Let dry.

Cut feathers out in one large piece, should be shaped similar to a hand or crown. Cut the tips of each feather into a point.

Apply glue to the bottom portion of the feathers and press onto the bottom of the cup. Hold in place for a minute or so to let the glue grab.

Place foam heart upside down so that the bumps are facing downward. Glue the foam triangle, point down, onto the upside down heart–the upper points of the triangle will be hanging over the edge. This is the beak and gobbler.

Glue the pom-pom to the top of the paper cup.

Glue the wiggle eyes and the beak and gobbler to the head.

Cut two feet from the orange construction paper and glue to the bottom of the cup.

Display on your dining room table during your holiday meal with family and friends!

Thursday Crafts For Kids ~ Leaf Sun Print Mural

This is a fun fall craft for your kiddos! Perfect for ages 4 and up.

What You’ll Need:

1 sheet construction of each color: red, green, and orange


Leaves in different shapes and sizes

Pennies, stones or pebbles

How to make it:

Tape the three sheets of construction paper together. Only use tape on one side.

Place paper so it gets some direct sunlight, good side up, and place leaves on top. Position some leaves so that they cover two colors of paper. Also try leaving some hanging off the edge. Place pennies, stones or other weights onto leaves so that they will not blow away.

Leave the project in the sunlight for 3-4 hours. Check after an hour or so to see if any of the leaves have begun to curl, adjust the weights if necessary.

Remove the weights and leaves.

Tips:If the sunlight isn’t strong enough to bleach the paper in only 3-4 hours, leave the leaves on for longer.

To dress your project up a bit, tie twine into a bow and glue to the center of the paper, or glue one to each color.

You will need flat leaves, so use fallen leaves that have been pressed in a heavy book, or pluck one or two from a tree.

Try different shapes and sizes to add visual interest. Have fun while you’re doing it!

Craft idea from

Thursday Crafts For Kids ~ Faux Stained Glass Fall Pumpkin Window Art


Perfect for ages 5 and up

  • Yellow and orange tissue paper
  • 1 sheet heavy weight clear self-stick laminating film (recommended: Con-Tact paper)
  • 1 sheet black construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • 12″ length of yarn
  • Suction cup window hanger
  • Glue stick
  • Pattern (on

How to make it:

  1. Tear tissue paper into strips, then cut or tear into squares.
  2. Peel back half of the backing from the laminating film, leaving the other half still protected. Fold over the backing to keep out of the way.
  3. Place tissue paper squares onto sticky side of laminating film, making about an 8-inch circle. Be sure to alternate colors and keep them close together, overlapping is fine too.
  4. Carefully peel the backing off the other side of the laminating film, then fold that film over onto the exposed tissue paper pieces, sandwiching them between the films. Press out any air bubbles. Trim any overlapping film off.
  5. Fold construction paper in half cut out pumpkin shape. This should yield two identical pumpkins because the construction paper was folded.
  6. Place the construction paper pumpkin onto the tissue paper-decorated film. Trace around the pumpkin with a pen and cut out shape with scissors, trimming the film about ¼” smaller than your tracing.
  7. Fold the yarn in half creating a loop. Use a glue stick to attach the open ends of that yarn onto one of the black paper pumpkin stems. Cover the rest of the pumpkin shape with glue stick.
  8. Place the tissue papered film onto the pumpkin, pressing down to secure, then run a glue stick around the second pumpkin shape and press down on top.
  9. Hang in a sunny window.