Thursday Crafts For Kids ~ No More Monsters Spray!


Squirt Bottle (no paint needed if you find one solid in color)

Buttons, plastic beads, pebbles etc..

Craft Paint – Only if your squirt bottle is clear

Foam paint brush

Stickers, wiggly eyes, sparkly gems, etc

glue dots for items without adhesive

scented oil- non toxic


Helpful Tip:

Be careful of any choking hazards. The small beads or buttons may cause a risk if your child places them in their mouth.


You can decorate your bottle any way you want. Maybe you want to add shiny streamers, stickers or gems.

How to Make Monster Spray

Gather your materials. You could even have your child help you if you think it would help.

If your squirt bottle isn’t a solid color, paint the outside of your bottle with a darker craft paint. Let it dry completely.

Now that your bottle is dry. Time to fill it with the magic! Fill with water, scented oil (not too much, just enough to give it a light scent) and your plastic beads or buttons. The beads give it sound which makes it more magical!

Spray areas you think Monsters like to hide.