Pocket Mommy Children’s Book



Super cute little book for moms and kids alike! You can find it on Amazon.com.

Nothing can break a parent’s heart more than dropping their toddler off at daycare, kindergarten or leaving them home with a babysitter when they walk out the door and watching their child experience separation anxiety.

That is why professional working mom, Aila Malik wrote the illustrated children’s storybook, Pocket Mommy, which includes cut-out paper dolls on the back cover. Having experienced the challenge of separation anxiety with her own son, together they wrote this book about a young boy nervous and sad to be apart from his mom and she cleverly creates a paper doll he can carry in his pocket to remind him she is nearby. This innovative idea helped Aila’s son overcome his anxiety separation and they hope it will help other families who face the same dilemma.

A wide paperback designed to be held by two, beautifully written with colorful illustrations by Vincenzo Lara including a back cover which provides ethnically diverse “pocket mommy” cut-outs including an unfinished one for the child to draw their own or paste a photo. Pocket Mommy can be a wonderful way for families to try and solve toddler separation anxiety creatively. The author also provides parent communication tips on the back page as well.