Thursday Crafts For Kids ~ Going Green Terrarium Garden


With moms help, perfect for ages 4 and up!

Plastic 2 liter soda pop bottle with cap

Very sharp scissors or craft knife

Dirt or potting soil



How to make it:

Remove the label from the bottle. Discard label. Save cap! (See photo.)

Wash and rinse out the bottle and cap.

Cut the bottle close to the bottom. There may be a “line” near the end of where the label was, that’s a good place to cut. You can cut it higher if you wish. (See photo.)

Lightly place dirt or potting soil in the base.

Plant a few seeds in the dirt.

Lightly water.

Put the cap on the bottle.

Cover the base with the top of the bottle. You will have to fiddle with it a bit to fit back inside the base.

Place in a sunny spot and watch for your seeds to grow.

When the plants are ready, repot them or plant them in your garden.

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