Thursday Crafts For Kids ~ Margarine Tub Boat



Perfect for ages 7 and up.

1 plastic margarine tub with lid

Construction paper: light blue, red, and white

12″ wooden dowel (cut with scissors to make it shorter if needed)

2″ piece of household sponge or floral foam

White craft glue

Fine tip black marker

2 zipper sandwich bags

1 cup rice or sand



How to make it:

Cover the outside of the margarine tub with light blue construction paper using white craft glue. Trim where needed with scissors.

Poke a hole in the center of the sponge using your finger or a pencil. Glue the sponge in the bottom of the margarine tub. Add some glue to the hole in the sponge and insert the wooden dowel.

Trace around the lid onto the white construction paper and cut out.

Use pencil to poke a hole in the center of the plastic lid. Glue the white construction paper circle onto the top of the lid and let dry, then poke a hole through the plastic lid and through the paper.

Divide the rice evenly between the two sandwich bags. Squeeze out excess air and seal the bags. Place filled bags into the margarine tub for weight.

Carefully insert the dowel into the hole in the lid and slide the lid down and snap in place.

Cut the sails from white construction paper. You will need two sets. Cut a small strip of red paper to fit in between each sail, glue in place and repeat on the other side.

Cut out a white life preserver from the white paper. Cut the alternating pieces from red. Glue the red pieces onto the circle, and then use scissors to trim evenly and cut out the center circle. Use a fine tip black marker to write “SS” at the top of the life preserver and then write your child’s name or family name on the bottom half (i.e. SS TIMMY, SS SMITH, etc).

Line the insides of the sails with glue. Sandwich the sails around the dowel and hold until the glue grabs.

Glue the life preserver to the front of the margarine tub boat.

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