Thursday Crafts For Kids ~ Colored Pencil Can


What You’ll Need:

Large empty soup can

White paint

Colorful fabric


White craft glue

1-2 strips mounting putty

Large box of colored pencils

White ribbon (optional)

How to make it:

Paint can with white paint and let dry.

Cut two strips of material long enough to wrap around the top and bottom of the can to create a decorative border. Attach with white craft glue.

Roll the mounting putty in your palms and wrap around the center of the can.

Press colored pencils into the putty, working your way all the way around the can.

Tie a piece of ribbon around the can for a decorative touch.

**If your pencils keep falling out of the putty, either increase the amount of putty you are using, or add more putty around the can toward the bottom or top.

To use a pencil, simply pull it off the putty, and then gently press it back into the putty to put it back.

Adding the fabric border is just a decorative step and can be skipped if you prefer.