Monday Moments ~ Sometimes Ya Gotta Just Let Go

Let Go


You’ve been there. If you haven’t yet, someday you will be Mom.

You are frantically running through the aisles of Target, Walmart or the likes there of because you are completely out of baby wipes and toothpaste. This means taking the monkeys children with you.

So you pull your hair back in a ponytail, throw your yoga pants on and grab your coffee to go.

You make it to the store just in time to remember that you forgot snacks to entertain you montage so you let them out of the cart. When you let monkeys children out of the grocery cart, things like this happen.

You stand there frantic until you take a deep breath and simply say, “This is motherhood. She’s only going to be little once. If the manager wants to chase me down to make me purchase the bike that is now being ridden down the frozen food aisle, so be it.”

Give yourself a break, Mom. And grab a Diet Coke and monster size Snickers in the checkout line.

Like Nike says, “Just Do It.”