Thursday Crafts For Kids ~ New Year Crown


Yellow and white craft foam

White craft glue


Seed beads


Small colorful beads

Pieces of self adhesive hook-and-loop fasteners



How to make it:

Use a cookie sheet with sides to work on so that the beads do not fall all over the floor.

Cut a crown out of yellow craft foam using the pattern. Cut two 12- by 1-inch strips of white craft foam. Glue the white strips to the bottom edge of the yellow crown. Let dry.

Lift crown and place on child’s head to get a measurement for the headband. Trim where needed then attach a piece or two of hook-and-loop fastener that will hold headband in place.

Lay the crown face up and write “Happy New Year” with the white craft glue.

Cover the glue words with seed beads. Cover all the glue completely and very gently press down. Wait a few minutes before lifting the crown and letting the excess beads fall off.

Decorate the rest of the crown and the headband using sequins and small colorful beads. Let dry completely, this could take several hours.

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