Tuesday Thoughts ~ Toddlers, Tantrums and Timeouts


Temper tantrums…honestly, my children rarely ever suffered from these often cry-inducing (for mom!) fits on the floor.

I remember my mother in law telling me about my dear, sweet husband when he was young, and the tantrum he decided to throw at her one afternoon. He decided he wanted a delicious chocolate chip cookie an hour before dinnertime when he was around four years old. When he initially asked, he was of course, told no. Not being satisfied with that answered he proceeded to stamp his foot and demand, “I WANT a cookie, now!”

My mother in law turned around and told him he better shape up, or there would be no cookie after his dinner was eaten. He took it one step further, falling to the floor, kicking and screaming for that cookie as he wailed at the top of his lungs.

Instead of yelling, my mother and law gently laid down on the floor next to her then, flailing four year old son and kicked and screamed along with him. To his surprise he stopped his ranting, eyeing his mom cautiously. Why was she throwing a fit? She didn’t want a cookie, he did! After a moment or two, she rolled over and glared at him. You know that deep mommy stare…I know you do!

Her words were honest and raw, “See how annoying that is? You don’t like me kicking and screaming and I don’t like you kicking and screaming. Don’t do it again, ya hear? No cookie for you after dinner either.”

She got to her feet and went back to cooking dinner. My husband apparently laid on the floor for another half an hour in complete wonder of what his mother had done. And you know what? He never threw another temper tantrum ever again. True story!

Temper tantrums…do you deal with them or have you? If so, what’s your remedy to dry the tears of the little one who desperately wants his or her way? Share with us!