What’s Your Birth Story, Mom?

Carla Hannon

I had been having pains on June 11th but once i laid down they went away so i thought it was nothing. Then on June 12th they came back in full force. Because i thought it wasn’t that major i told my husband to stay home with our 8 year old. I went to the local hospital (which wasn’t the smartest choice seeing how they don’t do maternity) so they gave me some fluids and checked to make sure the heart beat was still beating, which it was. Then they transferred me to a bigger hospital that was 20 minutes away. Once i was in my room they hooked up the heart beat and contraction monitor on my stomach. Then the doctor came in to check me to make sure everything was ok. Once she was done checking me she informed me that my water had broke and she could see and feel his hair. I was 16 weeks early. My son wasn’t due until October 5th. He was born 1lbs 8oz. Once he was out they put a breathing tube right in and transferred him to Children’s Hospital Boston Ma. He is now 2 months old and is 3lbs 1oz and has the tube out of his mouth and prongs in his nose. He also made it threw heart surgery. But is currently doing amazing. He is our little fighter 🙂

You can stay in touch with little Lucas’s progress as well as offer a small donation to help this little fighter here: http://www.gofundme.com/rd5yo