What’s Your Birth Story, Mom?

Melissa Joyce

My birth story started out with the doctors appointment. I was fourty weeks and two days and absolutely miserable swollen ankles and everything. I remember the doctor sitting here saying you may start dilating next week so come back than. I looked at him and said but your nurse practitioner told me that I could choose to be induced or whatever after fourty weeks and she did say that my fiance and mother were standing there. The doctor looked at me and said go get the ultrasound done and tell me what the size is. I go get an ultrasound done so that he will agree to do the c section because I knew this kid was huge well needless to say the next day I got my wish and matthew james ortmeier was brought into this world via c section on 02-23-2011 at eight eleven in the morning he was eight pounds and fourteen poin eight ounces. and has been quite an intereesting part of mine and brents life.