What’s Your Birth Story, Mom?

Amanda Hupp

Riley Alan Bollinger was Born on Oct 6, 2010 at 9:33pm and he weighed
7lbs 9.7oz and was 20 inches long. Labor started around 2am that
previous morning at a McDonalds 24 hour drive in where I ordered
chicken nuggets and french fries with sweet tea. Once we got home I
started to feel sharp pain that took my breath away I of course
thought it was practice contractions but I was so wrong after about 4
hours of the pain and not being able to sleep I got up and woke my
best friend Chris up and told him it was time we grabbed my bag and
called the doctor. When we got to the hospital my pain was
overbearing. I called everyone who needed to be there including my
dady who was 3 hours away. Morning came and went and I stayed at 1cm
and 50% effaced. My daddy got to the hospital at about 4pm as the
doctors were planning to break my water at 6pm if it didnt break on
its own. So I did some walking around and laboring in the water and
kept begging for relief but everyone knew my plan was to have a drug
free labor and birth. At about 8:30pm the doctor came in to check on
me and I was no more dilated or effaced than before. So they got their
gear together and broke my water after what seemed like forever I felt
like I was pooping my doctor was already leaving from her shift and my
bff stopped her and told her it was time. And sure enough at 9:33pm my
little bundle was born.