Guest Blogger Thursday ~ Shelly from TwinPossible


Parenting multiples is an incredible job. It has its rewards and its struggles, though the 1st helps you to overcome the latter. Basically, as mom to more then one baby at a time, you must become a sort of ‘human octopus’, if you will. No number of hands can ever be too many.

You are always racing to rescue somebody, or prevent somebody’s eyes from being poked, or hair being pulled, which at times, the recipient of the abuse, will indeed be you. That’s what you get for all of your love and sacrifice, hey? (Just kidding.) In canning the humor for a moment, it’s truly an amazing experience, and a joy that I never expected, but now can’t imagine living without.

Having two smiling faces looking up at you every morning with unconditional love in their eyes, is absolutely unexplainable. It really helps get you through the day. The chaos, the madness, the ripping off of bibs and now diapers.

As unequivocally petrified as I was when I found I was pregnant with twins, it has been one of the greatest 5 gifts of my entire life, and something that should you ever find yourself pregnant with twins, you should truly celebrate, and not fear so much. Don’t rob yourself of the joy and the beauty of a twin pregnancy, as did I. That is my biggest regret in hindsight.

If I can do it, despite all of my flaws, and love it beyond measure, so can you to! As I always say, ‘God makes no mistakes…only miracles’, and I thank him every day, for mine.


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