Topic Tuesday!

Do you have “pet” names for your children?

Our Answers At IntelliGender:

“Yes, of course! All three of my boys are known as “The A Team”. Hence, all of their first names begin with the letter A. My youngest is called “Sweet Adi”. My middle son is “Awesome-Dawson” and my oldest is “Quick Feet” because he is the fastest little tennis player around.”

“I don’t really have pet names but Robb calls Allie Alliegator, His brother calls Robbi Robbi Dobie and my dad calls Peyton PJ.”

“Of course. “I love you a lot Polka Dot (click click click with the tongue), I love you a lot polka dot (click click click), I love you a lot, my little polka dot, I love you a lot polka dot”. All my little ones learned how to click click click before they could talk (in tune too). Who can guess the tune? I love to make up songs- I love you a ton honey bun…….
Nick is Nickerdoodle, and Pickle and Nick-a-nater. Olivia is Liv, Livvie, Ollie-Canololi, sweet baby Oli, Joe is Joe Bear, Jo-Jo- and Bear. Luke is Monkey boy and mostly Bam Bam. I call him my Velcro boy because he is the best hugger ever and is just stuck to you like velcro.”

“Our middle son Jesse is “Jester” and Garrett is “G”, “G-man” and “Sniggle Fritz”!”

Do you have “pet names” for your kids, mom? Drop us a line and let us know what they are!