Topic Tuesday!

What was the one thing you COULD NOT live without after bringing your brand new baby home?

Our Answers Here At IntelliGender:

“With the twins, vibrating bouncy chairs literally SAVED MY LIFE! With 2 brand new, tiny 5 pound babies I was tending to them every waking moment. When I wanted a shower (or a quick nap), I would put them in their bouncy chairs and could usually find at least an hour to take care of myself. Or, tending to the 15 loads of laundry that needed to be done. Thank you reflux!
With my 3rd child it was his knitted blanket made by his great grandmother. From birth to today (yes, he’s 6!) he loves having his soft blankie next to his cheek with his fingers through the holes. He can’t sleep without it. From day one, he has always loved it.”

“The swing was the thing that kept my first 2 entertained and a teddy bear mobile was what worked with the third!”

“My mother in law! I was scared to death to ever be alone with baby.”

“You know, it was a hands free baby carrier. I’d strap him to where he was looking outward and then, I’d go clean house. Passing by a mirror I’d notice his little head was tilted to one side and he would be sound asleep. That would be my chance to go lay down on the couch- with him still strapped in – and we’d both catch a compfy snooze! LOVED that thing.”

It’s your turn mom! Leave us a comment and let us know what you couldn’t live without after baby arrived.