Holiday Travel With The Kiddos

I know the majority of us do not wear white gloves, pearls or high heels when traveling to our family’s home during the holidays. If you do, I’m envious.
My children are never that clean either. We usually have one on the ground crying clinging to his oversized racetrack that we will not allow (nor have room for) in the family SUV. The other two children are usually fighting over who gets to sit behind the passenger seat. For some reason, sitting behind the driver’s seat just isn’t cool. I have yet to figure out why. If you know, I’m all ears….
There are 5 rules that I find makes our journey to grandma and grandpa’s a whole lot easier on my husband and I. We have found all three of our children are alot happier as well.
1) Electronics: Yep, I said it. Bring on the portable dvd players, Nintendo DS or iPod. Although we do not allow our kids to “play” electronics the entire trip, it certainly does divert their attention for an hour or two. We allow them to choose when they want to use their electronics. Beginning, middle or end of the journey. This in itself gives our kids the chance to help plan out and work out the fairness factor with one another.
2) Snacks: Need I say more? Bring plenty of juice boxes and/or sippy cups. Bring small baggies of healthy snacks such as carrots, crackers or apple slices. Make sure to pack some snacks and drinks for you and your significant other as well. You’ll get the munchies too!
3) Books: I have two children that can read in the car and another who can’t. Some of us suffer from car sickness when we read on the move (that would be me). For my child who can’t read, he normally chooses to either nap or we play a car game together to keep him busy.
4) Break-Time: Stop every couple of hours to stretch your legs, take a potty break and walk around a bit. This really does seem to get the “fidgeting” out of kids. Even if it’s only for 15 minutes.
5) Have Fun: Holiday travel can be stressful. But, our little ones grow up so quickly. Sing songs together as a family, make up stories, talk about the things you see outside your car window. In a blink of an eye, your kids will be driving their own families to see you during the holidays. Savor the little moments.

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