Topic Tuesday!

Did you suspect you were pregnant before a BFP (positive pregnancy test)? If so, why and what symptoms were you having that made you think there was a “bun in the oven”?

Our Answers Here At IntelliGender:

“I had no clue with my first. Even went to the doctor because I was having a lot of cramp like pains and they suggested doing a pregnancy test. BFP. Second one I knew even when the pregnancy test was negative. Third only suspected when I was late.”

“Well, I was LATE!!! So I stopped on my way home from work and picked up a couple of pregnancy tests and ever so quietly, tip-toed into the bathroom to take them….both positive. BIG surprise – not expected – not planned! But I would not take anything in the world for that little boy – he lives in every cell of my body and makes me feel totally complete.”

“With my first, I had no idea. I had just returned from Alcapulco from a fun trip with my significant other, my not then husband. 🙂 I told my roommate that I must not be a wine-a-holic because the thought of alcohol was abhorring. I had a medical procedure scheduled so they asked me if I could be pregnant (I had already dozed off in the waiting room). I said no but they insisted on a blood test. They took my blood. I later fainted. My sweetheart was convinced I must be pregnant. They called me at 5am to tell me not to come in for the procedure as I was in fact pregnant. He was ecstatic, I had to call back and ask what exactly that meant. I was in total shock. With the last 3 kiddos, I kind of knew the moment sperm met egg. It’s just such an amazing event that if you are in tune with your body, you know it.”

“I had no intuition that I was pregnant the first go round. No bloating, no weird dreams or appetite changes. Nothing. I got a BFP 6 days before my period was due. I find this funny because, it was unknown to me, but I had 2 babies cooking in my belly! With my 3rd baby, I KNEW the day after conception things were different. I started to feel bloated days after conceiving. Maybe because of a 2nd pregnancy? Not sure. But, I knew there was a baby in my belly early on!”