Topic Tuesday!

Did you find out your baby’s gender before birth? 
If so, how many weeks pregnant were you and what was your initial reaction?
Our Answers Here At IntelliGender:

“I found out during my amnio. I thought I wanted a little girl until I saw him in my womb, reaching out to grab the needle from the procedure! Now we have three boys…even the grandchild is a boy. I love it. It is good to be “queen”!”

“My first pregnancy was twins. So, I HAD to know the gender! My husband and I found out at 18 weeks that we were expecting fraternal twin boys. We were absolutely elated! When I was pregnant with our third child, we also wanted to know the gender. I will be honest and say, we really wanted a girl to finish our family. We learned we were pregnant with boy #3 at 17 weeks. I’m a proud mama of boys and wouldn’t have it any other way. I just hope to be a grandmother to at least one granddaughter some day.”

“Yes. I was around 25 weeks with my first girl. Thrilled to have a girl! 32 weeks with my second. Wanted a girl so my first would have a sister and 14 weeks with my third. She was a surprise so I did not really have any preconceived thoughts about her gender. So glad I have her. Don’t know what I would be doing with my life if I were already an empty nester!”

“I did every known gender test under the sun. Chinese calendar as soon as I thought I might be pregnant. It was always correct. The Draino test, the ring test, you name it. With my second I wanted to be surprised so I held out until 7 months and then just couldn’t stand it anymore. With my 3rd, I knew via the sonogram. It was dangling down to his knees and I was convinced it would ascend into a “well- you know what”. Of course that didn’t happen and I wouldn’t trade him for 100 girls.”

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