Topic Tuesday!

 What food/drink did you crave while you were pregnant? And, do you find that your child now loves that particular type of food?

Our Answers Here At IntelliGender:

“When I was pregnant with my youngest son, I wanted jalapenos on EVERYTHING! Now that he is 6, he eats jalapenos on everything. From burritos to chicken casserole. He loves his food hot & spicy!”

“I completely craved milk.  I would think about it on the way home from work – the long trip from down town.  I’d get into the house and make a “bee-line” right to the fridge and the carton!  Now my little boy, who is turning 12 tomorrow, continues to go through gallons a week.  That’s all he drinks!”

I craved Welch’s grape juice popsicles with my first.  Cherry Icees with my second, and limeaids with my third.  None of them seem to like any of those things.”

“After having my first, during which I craved jalapenos with strawberry jelly, I willed myself to crave sweets with all the others because that of course would mean I was having a girl.  Meat and potatoes- boy all the way.  Of course my kids love that now but who wouldn’t?  The strawberry jelly and jalapenos did not make their way into my oldest boys repertoire.  However, once pregnant with my baby girl, I craved Cherry Icees.  The problem was, 7-11 stopped carrying them. I would make my sweet hubby drive to South Dallas to find a cherry Icee for me.  Of course he did! My little girl likes the Blue Icees now which I just don’t get.”